Friday, September 23, 2011

Think and grow Rich!

Have you ever dreamt to be a millionaire? Have you ever felt tired working 24-hours and realize your effort is rewarded with little cash which makes you repeat the same daily routine to earn money 2support living? If yes, you are now trapped in a phenomenon called "rat-race". You may have graduated with a PHD and high qualification but you lead a frustrating life. You gotta pay high bills, taxes, car loans, credit cards etc.

Seriously, i havent got much time to read the book 'Think and Grow Rich" - by Robert T. Kiyosaki. The only book i ever khatam is Rich Dad, Poor Dad which really changes my perception about $$$$. And the ever lucky draw i ever got during UPALS ICL conference in Bayview hotel is a book by the same author entitled - Retire Young, Retire Rich. LOL. Guess its like a sign for me to start and work smart to free myself from the rat-race.

If you ever got the time to sit back for a while - or you feel you need strategies for financial management - all these books are for you! They are all available in the nearest bookstore.

Remember - "Don't work for money - let money work for you".


Old dwarf said...

hi snow white...
is it true these books can help us manage our financial?..well,im trying to manage my finance but still out of budget..
can u share some info on how to manage our finance?

SnoW whiTe said...

Dear old dwarf,
Its hard to explain here- but the book "Rich dad poor dad" describes about how ppl work hard for money but at the end still trapped with the "rat race" where you have to follow the cycle of life by paying bills, taxes etc and eventually broke with no savings! Rich dad teaches you to be smart - to instantly build asset rather than liability. For examples, houses, estates or land are asset while cars r liability. Asset will help u get more money but u hav to wrk smart by making the money work for u.For example, buy a house with 12 million and within 3years, the price of the house may increase and you can sell with 24million n get the profits. Haha..if u r confused, u'd better purchse the book. It's worth reading!!

Old dwarf said...

i see...i get it..just like if i buy a gold now and keep future if the price of the gold increased..i can sell it with higher price...dats a smart idea..but..the initial budget to get these assets way too hard for me...
i've working for money these 4months holiday burns up like that cuz i've been working 12hrs a day just to get more money for my new sem...its quite painfull since half of the day i spent it at work rest..just work like a slave :(