Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gen-Y Children

In the past, we never had mobile phones but we always managed to find each other. Who knows that with the advance of technology, people nowadays turn into a lazy ass. They use laptops to replace the typewriter..and they shift to microwave to heat the food. I was born in the 1980's and remember my childhood years quite well. It was fun to be around with friends with the same age or older, and we shouted at the boys like we fight our siblings. I used to cling around with my brother and his friends. We climbed the hills,played hide-and-seek, fought war, played kampung games and come back late at night before dark to then have dinner with the family. We broke our arms, get bruises and scars on the knee BUT nobody made a fuss about it.

For children during my time, we never owned a playstation, internet, video games etc BUT we always had REAL friends who painted smile and happiness on our cute faces. We jumped, we sit, we joked and we cried together. Falling in love also made a different sweet touch. We used to get love letters and small notes slipped down our school lockers from the secret admirer. It's different with nowadays dating world when ppl rely more on mobile phones, facebook and GPS. In our era, we never knew the word SMS. Those whose in different gender who'd like to set up a date with us hav to call our house fix-line and those who are LUCKY might even ended up talking to the parents!

It's kind of sad that parents in this modern time are not able to keep track with the children's activities due to the virtual world. Children are more comfortable to engage with the electronic gadgets which worsen the generation gap. Facebook has become no.1 entertainment. Mobile phones are now food to the loneliness. GPS now is the solution of the old version 'treasure' map.

Have you ever wondered what would happen 20 years from now?
Are we going to hav more technology developing to ease the work burden but eventually corrupt the social habit of a human?
And How do our children look like in the future? Are they going to cover their head with giant earphones whenever we talk or give advice to them?

There are no exact answers to these questions. Parents nowadays are more open-minded and tend to give more freedom to their children. Freedom is necessary but comprehensive education with religious knowldge must be implanted within the soul in order to survive in today's modern and challenging world. ALthough it's difficult, the choices are in your hand.

When there is a will, there is a way.


Niezam said...

Technological advance has significantly give some great handful impact in our daily life but in the same time it is also indirectly creates some big gaps in relationships with people who really matter the most in our life parents family and friends.
Spending a lot of time sitting in front of computer screen and gadjets is not going to get you friend that will give you the memory that we will cherish in life.

Coffee and Sugar said...

I totally agree!

SnoW whiTe said...

We all agree but i dont think we are against the technology. This is what 'civilizes' the uncivilized ones.