Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thank you, dear!

No news from Mr X and his girl.

Life is getting back to normal once again, except the pain and headache i have to bear for completing my thesis.

And my thought completely goes to you during these tense and difficult times.

For all the support & encouragement, for all the kindness and comfort words.

Thank you, dear!

I love you.

*Hugs and kisses.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Get Lost, dummy.

Dear Mr X,
I've got a stupid message from your girl. It was really annoying. I am not that type who steals away someone else's fiancee, you fool!
Can't you see that I am already occupied with all sorts of stuffs/commitments, rather than messing up my mind with you?
I dont need you, dummy.
I repeat -
Dont bother to keep in touch.
I am seriously not interested.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Most Tasteless Film

ALthough there have been a great comments and criticism upon the film 'Lagenda Budak Setan' - LBS adapted from the novel Ahadiat Akasyah (my friend's most hated author), i nver jumped into a conclusion until i myself watch it to evaluate the issues the author presented. NOw, despite the wonderful comments from others, i hereby say that this is the most tasteless film i ever watched! Here are some of the reasons:

1. The story and the plot is illogical. I can understand stories like Harry Potter and LOTR are claimed to be illogical too, but these films fall under fiction and fantasy, while LBS is not. BEsides, the setting takes place in a university; the university students portrayed in the movie represent second class mentality in which it is okay to make fun of the professors/lecturers and it is acceptable to intimidating other students at the university cafe.

2. Lecturers are academicians in which their job is to teach and deliver ideas during the lesson. A rational professor won't be affected emotionally by a small love letter left between the pages of the textbook. In LBS,the lecturer cancels the class immediately due to the prank joke applied by Kasyah and friends.

3.The theme of love is centralized as the main issue. Love at first sight plunging Kasyah and he cant stop thinking about Ayu, though he initially puts a lizard in the drink can (which he doesnt know belongs to Ayu) and he later on repents from any misdeeds to tackle Ayu. I view this as something ridiculous because the drastic change of Akasyah doesnt make sense to me since Ayu is a stranger. Akasyah's main motive to change is not because he honestly regrets his bad attitude toward others, it's rather the lust he feels about Ayu. Ayu in the movie is described as pretty; the question arises is, would Kasyah comes to her rescue if the girls he puts the prank on is ugly?

5. The lecturer's job to punish Kasyah by asking him 2 do hundreds of sits up is again nonsensical. We, lecturers have a lot of other jobs to care about applying corporal punishment to such students.

6. Having a "dana" to continue a big project would be impossible for a trouble maker like Kasyah. In a university rule, a student who involved with disciplinary problems (especially the serious ones) would be dismissed or be taken any privileges. Kasyah is called "Budak Setan" since he has involved in many kinds of illegal actions and been called to the disciplinary units.

7. The plastic surgery thingy was really funny! LOL. An accident like that would have made the victims died on the spot.

8. 'Hilang ingatan' and being transferred to remote places are the only ways for the author to make things complicated in Malay stories. Isn't there any other alternatives?

9. This movie lacks Islamic values. Love is the only thing that matters to both Kasyah and Ayu. Love drives people mad. Love leads to jealousy. Love takes away rationality. What about love to God and Rasul?

10. People cry due to its sentimental love story. But people are you sure it is because of the story or the music soundtrack? I think the music soundtrack really plays a vital role to affect audience's emotion, not the story itself.

Malay authors and Malay movies should consider the moral parts and the Islamic values injected in the films to make sure what is presented can influence teenagers' way of thinking to behave in an Islamic way. LBS is only a fantasy of a school girl to have a nice boyfriend like Kasyah who will love her till the end of time. Well, girl.. trust me.. it won't happen that easy in real life.LOL.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wrong Twist

Life is quite hectic now. i'm waiting for 25nov, then i'll be free.
a few days to go.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You & Me

Dedicated to Cheng Jun who had always been a part of me..

First love has always been the first part of my heart.
But you, my love...gonna take the rest.
In life, every chapter which unfolds describes a story. A story that reveals your secret, your past and your upcoming events. In each chapter, some characters are just trespassers or sometimes they remain till the end of the story but disappear overtime. It is at these times when you'll have to flip over your life novel to learn something from your experience.

Unfortunately, i have always been the minor character in your life. But i realize it affects the ending of your story.

A blastful, happy ending.