Friday, May 21, 2010

ChiLL Up! =)

I am still on the Kursus Asas Pengajaran course till tomorrow and it's worth to spend the 4day-talk with the amazing, inspiring speakers who had given their very best to transmit new ideas and encourage us, the new lecturers to enrich our teaching skills and techniques while teaching the students in the classroom. If i were to give a suggestion, i would say this course should be held from the first week of the particular new lecturer's day in the university. This would have helped them to be more conscious about the students' learning abilities from the very beginning despite the complaints that the failure rate in certain science subjects are rising every semester.

Throughout the course, i also learn a lot of things such as classroom management, students' learning styles, teaching pedagogy, adult education, brains knowledge and many more. Although the program was super duper fantastic, i still found myself trying very hard to keep my eyes feel awake for every session.LOL. Poor me, since school till now, i honestly say that i can't stand long lectures; my attention limit for any lecture is the first 30 mins and i usually ended up daydreaming or kicking my feet on the floor or checking the watch. hehe. Maybe my learning style is unique on its own way and if you happen to be my students, that is also the reason why i use activities more than the textbook :p

WEll, i'm sorry readers for the short long overdue updates. I promise i'll write more next time when i come back to Malaysia. And there's an interesting quotation from one of the speakers that i wanna share with you, which is:

Life is a mystery. Do not try to solve it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Plans for this Month

Hope i won't sound like a sissy to complain again about the weather. But trust me, it's getting hotter day by day in Malaysia, particularly in Penang. What is worse, for those who never know; my skin is allergic to the weather. Guess it was getting obvious when pink rashes seem to turn up all over my skin due to the drastic change of temperature. It looks really ugly but thank god it fades slowly when i sit near the fan or run into an airconditioned room.

Last night, i was invited to attend a Pre-graduation dinner for Part 6 Chemical Engineering students with my housemates at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Kepala Batas. They were practically not my students but since my housemate is teaching them this semester, I was asked to tag along. The food is okay but i didnt manage to try all since i started to get stomach ache even before the dinner. The event started with a speech by the program director, followed by a band performance + karaoke session. We also had Lucky Draw in between, and among all lecturers who occupied my table, only me were not so really lucky (since their numbers were all being called to get the gifts/hampers except mine). However i enjoyed taking photos of my food and the outstanding students' performance.

Everyday seems to be fully packed this week with all the gathering and courses i need to attend. What is interesting lately, there will be a family day for Pewani at Agro Sedim, Kedah this 15th may but i gotta cancel my participation since my Mom asked me to accompany her to KL due to her medical appointment. And i'm going to have a teaching course next week, and another course in UiTM Dungun the other week.And the following week after the other week will be my visit to Manipal, India....(and thinking of all the plans, i dont knw when i'm gonna start writing my thesis again!)

Now i'm craving for the Japanese/Korean food my officemate mentioned last week. Tomorrow insyaallah will be a trip to Korean food at Seoul Garden with my collegues! (",)

p/s Happy Mother's Day to all Moms all over the world. No matter where i travel to, i carry your dreams.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How Strange!

Funny that i received an sms from a long distance friend who was suprised to read my previous entry when it was written in Malay. A bit peculiar too when this friend (also a Malay) thought i was out of my mind pouting for attention due to some personal issues. This is totally perplexing. Why on earth am i being questioned that way? Let me explain again why i wrote in Malay for those who seem so curious about the drastic change in my blogging entry last time!

Dear all, I wrote in Malay because I am proud to be one. I consider myself as very Malay - I eat Malay food daily (though i eat pizzas and sushi), wear baju kurung to work everyday (though i love cheong-sam and sari), practice Malay culture (though video games overshadowed guli and gasing) and I strongly criticize Malays who fail their mother tongue and neglect their tradition (go get a Malay tutor or register for tuition class, people!). Thus, is it a big sin if I for that matter trying to write in Malay because I am longing for its beautiful courtesy and language??

And unfortunately, some thought I'm gonna change my blog to a fully Malay version very soon. And some provoked that I was sulking by someone, affected emotionally and wrote everything in Malay to express my frustration. Dear these so-called people, for God's sake, I'm gonna maintain my blog in English since i have my other international friends and bloggers who are following my blog frequently. And didn't you notice the word 'Edisi Terhad' (Limited Edition) on the previous title which obviously signifies the most special edition among other entries- that it's gonna be different and unique on its own way? Mark my word for that.

And i wonder how strange some Malays are. How weird that adopting Western lifestyle transforms your thoughts too as orang putih. I thought giving others support in uplifting the Malay language could be a noble stance.

Guess that I was wrong.
I really was.