Friday, May 21, 2010

ChiLL Up! =)

I am still on the Kursus Asas Pengajaran course till tomorrow and it's worth to spend the 4day-talk with the amazing, inspiring speakers who had given their very best to transmit new ideas and encourage us, the new lecturers to enrich our teaching skills and techniques while teaching the students in the classroom. If i were to give a suggestion, i would say this course should be held from the first week of the particular new lecturer's day in the university. This would have helped them to be more conscious about the students' learning abilities from the very beginning despite the complaints that the failure rate in certain science subjects are rising every semester.

Throughout the course, i also learn a lot of things such as classroom management, students' learning styles, teaching pedagogy, adult education, brains knowledge and many more. Although the program was super duper fantastic, i still found myself trying very hard to keep my eyes feel awake for every session.LOL. Poor me, since school till now, i honestly say that i can't stand long lectures; my attention limit for any lecture is the first 30 mins and i usually ended up daydreaming or kicking my feet on the floor or checking the watch. hehe. Maybe my learning style is unique on its own way and if you happen to be my students, that is also the reason why i use activities more than the textbook :p

WEll, i'm sorry readers for the short long overdue updates. I promise i'll write more next time when i come back to Malaysia. And there's an interesting quotation from one of the speakers that i wanna share with you, which is:

Life is a mystery. Do not try to solve it.


Old dwarf said...

hi now u have bcome expert in teaching...errr..u not in malaysia now??where r u??india??japan??south africa??hope u enjoy wherever u r...bout the quotation,did sum1 ever solve his life??

Khairi Nairfan said...

hehehe ngantuk yer miss?

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi old dwarf,
i'm still in malaysia but i'm quite bz nowadays.
thanks for ur wish. oh, about the quotation i think some r still trying to solve the puzzles of life. mayb wht shld we do is to wait and go with the flow.

Khairi Nairfan,
yes, sgt mengantuk dan letih. tapi i really enjoyed it. =)

Sir Juzylee said...

byk aktiviti yg miss bwat dlm klas amat best sekali...bwt sye x ngantuk blaja dlm klas dlm klas miss..hehehe..TQ =)

SnoW whiTe said...

Sir Juzylee,
Thanks a lot for the very kind comment =)

ENjoyed ur class v-much. will miss Md1C1/c2 soon!

Old dwarf said...

hmm hw to solve??when i think about really complicated...dunno hw to describe seem like no beginning nor ending...this is only my opinion..

sorry for my long term with work..but i will try spent time reading yor blog often

SnoW whiTe said...

yeah, u r right.
we cant solve it.
that is why i mentioned that it is a mystery. thanks for having the intention to visit my blog often. I really value ur presence here, old dwarf =)

Anonymous said...

hey miss,nazrin here
just started reading an interesting book that i think u might like,

'The Rules of Life'

by richard templar.its very nice and i'm sure u'll fancy it.
that quote,it got a lot to do with the book i mentioned earlier,i think.hehe

happy working =)

Sugar Lips said...

What are the new inputs that you have gained? Care to share? =)

Musfadly said...

yep. your teaching method is unique. thats why you're my fav lecturer.

SnoW whiTe said...

Sugar Lips,
there's a lot of input which cant be explained here in details. its too much, dear! =)

Musfadly, thanks for the very kind compliment. I really appreciate it =)