Friday, January 29, 2010

Hinode Tour

I visited Hinode Shop at Jusco and came across a silver metal frame with a lovely painted poem entitled "My Love". Actually, i like reading poems and collecting quotations and the Italian and Shakespearean sonnets are among my favourites. However, I seem to neglect this hobby for years..and guess what, since nobody is going to buy me that, i then decided to but it for my ownself.LOL.

*so much waiting for a fancy stuff! :p

My Love
Higher than the sky above
Deeper than the sea
Stronger than the winter winds
Blowing through the trees
Richer than the honey's taste
Sweeter than the dew
Greater that the reach of time.
This is my love for you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Note to ALL

I'm overwhelmed with the number of visitors of this blog but i noticed many people keep their status and details anonymous while leaving their comments on the topics posted. I hope you could "sign, seal and delivered" your humble response more often, by exposing your nickname so the discussion sounds more 'lively' and of course to prove you are real human beings. hehe.

To all readers,
my heartful thank you's from the bottom of my heart.
Take care.

..Snow WhiTe...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can you define First Love?

Have you heard someone said "If i cant marry you, i'll remain single for the rest of my life."


And...that is the exact sentence my first boyfriend told me a few years ago which i found it quite ridiculous and silly of coz! Haha. And till now, i can still hear the stupid vow in my ears though the silent grief is over (Guys don't really mean what they say, dont they?) Actually, I'm here not to talk about the past but i read someone's blog who seems resentful about a guy and that so-called brat left her for Heaven's sake which caused her to feel frustrated to death. So, for those who face the same situation or merely think they want to commit suicide as the last alternative, you may; if you think you are ready enough to be burned in the Hellfire...hehe. But in this special entry, i would like to dedicate this post to these bunch of broken-hearted people who love till lost, or who cry till dry. Everyone, here is my definition of first love:

First love is always sweet and yet painful. The feeling can last but it fades overtime once you met someone else. It teaches us many things; ways of falling in love and reasons to love someone. However, the results vary; it may last or it might slip away unconditionally. So, always treasure the ones that love you in return. He might not be the first-But once you find him, he could be your first love - once again.Coz loving someone new who knows to appreciate you is much better - and the feeling is like falling in love for the first time :)

With that, i rest my case.

With lots of love,
Snow WhiTe xx.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Emil & Karl

I am always fascinated with books for children. One of the best books i've ever read last year is Emil and Karl by Yankev Glatshteyn, translated by Jeffrey Shandler. A highly recommended book set during the World War II which puts two young boys in dilemmas to escape from the harsh world of human violence. Emil- a Jewish boy and Karl, his school friend who experiences trauma of watching the Nazi dragging his mother away. They planned to leave Vienna together but are crowded onto different trains to be transported to a safer country. You can always visit for more information. This is my favourite excerpt from the novel:

Emil felt cold and then warm at the thought that he was leaving Vienna. He wished he were already in the train. Karl wanted to say something but he felt Matilda's sister in law was looking at him from behind the glasses.
"You musnt cry. Those who feel like crying can remain here. In an hour you'll go by bus to the train station.If you have any friend here we advise you to write to each other, it often happens that good friends often sent to different cities, even different countries."
Once more it seemed to Karl that the woman was looking at him and Emil. The supervisors gave out pencils and pieces of paper and many of the children started writing notes.
"But there's no way they'll separate us." said Emil.
"NO way at all."Karl responded firmly. "I'll hold on to your sleeve and i won't let go. We'll stick together."
"Shall we write each other a letter?"
"I suppose so,"said Karl and he picked a pencil. He started writing,
Dear Emil,
We'll never let anyone separate us. We'll be friends forever.
Your dear friend,
He held the letter for a while and turned to give it to Emil but Emil was still bent over his piece of paper. Tears ran down from his eyes - such big tears that the brittle piece of papers was stained in spots.
"I cant write anymore. I cant." he said to Karl, and he gave him the letter, in which he had written only the first few words:
To my only friend Karl,
I -
But the words were spotted with tears, and after the word "I" there were so many stains that the piece of paper was wet. Now Karl didnt feel ready to hand over his letter. He wanted to cover it with tears too but his eyes felt dry and hard. Matilda's sister in-law raised an old blanket that hung over the window and called out, "We're leaving!"
(Glatshteyn, 2007 from Emil and Karl, pp, 153-155)
...And so it seems for the boys. And so it seems with life. This is a touching story that teaches young and adult readers about the importance of love and the impact of discrimination. This is the time when sometimes you have to learn from the children.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Your & Yourself

For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds;
Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.
-Shakespeare, Sonnet 94

Yes, i definitely agree that attitude resembles your true colour; that physical beauty will remain ugly if you tend not to improve yourself.

I love this sonnet and will always will ;)

Second Day at Work

I have started my lectures but so far, of all the three classes i entered, there was only one class with students. LOL. I assume the rest is still having problems with registration :b

Friday, January 1, 2010

Back Late at Night

My housemate and i went out for dinner very late and we arrived home around 1am. Before sleeping,I decided to check my email and visit my blog, and was surprised to see comments by the viewers which proved that people still read my writing and they responded to the issues presented ;) Most of all, I would like to thank my friend Nizam for being my top follower though he knows this blog has been ignored for two years and the writer will only come back when she has a peace in mind.

Actually, i would like to share the photos taken during the Chritsmas celebration in KL last month but the server is too slow, so i only managed to upload two photos... but able to add more at last! :)





This is definitely not in KL, but I invested some money for the Lost World Tambun a day after flying back from KL

And KL... we're gonna miss you very soon!

New Year 2010

It's New Year Eve today. Before the clock strikes twelve, i would like to wish all my readers or fellow bloggers Happy New Year. Its unbelievable that we have reached one decade after the Y2K. Despite the tsunami and the terrifying WTC incident a few years ago, let us be grateful to Allah the Almighty for granting us good health and beloved family we have to live with, and giving us the ability to breath until today. Ten years ago, I was always wondering to myself if i could make it to 2010 since the digit is 'bigger' and i talked to my grandma about it and even counted how old we'll be in the year 2020 coz the Vision 2020 is a mission every Malaysian waiting for. Between the year 2000 to 2009, there are many things happened to me, let it be good or bad. And of course, my grandma passed away in May, 2008 and i could still remember how we bursted into laughter when we talked about how many great-grandchildren she's gonna have in the future especially when the last aunty got married. And of course, i still have my grandpa and grandma from my mother's side whom i cherish everyday.

In 2002, i was enrolled to IIUM Matriculation centre petaling Jaya and it was the place where i first struggled with study and college life and it was also the year when i met my first boyfriend. Sadly, we broke up in 2007. There was no meetings, no walking down to different directions on the day we broke up like the love story we watched in the drama series. I myself was confused why it happened but of course my life now has been fulfilled with someone else who loves me more than anything in this world.

In July, 2007, i started working as a partime lecturer in Dungun, Tganu. A very remote place you'll say, but it is the best memory i ever had. To walk on the beach, to eat at the hotel and to get the first experience teaching a class of boys! As a fresh graduate, I was so young back then, with my innocent-look that cause some boys playing naughty phonecalls to this so-called English lecturer. Who knows i then transfered to Penang in January 2008 and this enables me to visit my family in Perak more often. I know it's my mom's prayer at Mecca that makes me choose this path of life and i hope the spirit to teach won't die overtime.

Well, i hope 2010 brings me more health, wealth and happiness. I wish i could complete my postgraduate study end of this year, settle down, get married and live happily with two beautiful kids. To my late grandma, i hope you rest in peace. I'm sorry you can never see me walk side by side with my beloved man, but i ensure you he'll be taking care of me the way a gentleman will do.

With that, i close the curtain and welcome 2010 with new hope & joy.
Happy New Year everyone!

XX Peace XX

...Snow White..