Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year 2010

It's New Year Eve today. Before the clock strikes twelve, i would like to wish all my readers or fellow bloggers Happy New Year. Its unbelievable that we have reached one decade after the Y2K. Despite the tsunami and the terrifying WTC incident a few years ago, let us be grateful to Allah the Almighty for granting us good health and beloved family we have to live with, and giving us the ability to breath until today. Ten years ago, I was always wondering to myself if i could make it to 2010 since the digit is 'bigger' and i talked to my grandma about it and even counted how old we'll be in the year 2020 coz the Vision 2020 is a mission every Malaysian waiting for. Between the year 2000 to 2009, there are many things happened to me, let it be good or bad. And of course, my grandma passed away in May, 2008 and i could still remember how we bursted into laughter when we talked about how many great-grandchildren she's gonna have in the future especially when the last aunty got married. And of course, i still have my grandpa and grandma from my mother's side whom i cherish everyday.

In 2002, i was enrolled to IIUM Matriculation centre petaling Jaya and it was the place where i first struggled with study and college life and it was also the year when i met my first boyfriend. Sadly, we broke up in 2007. There was no meetings, no walking down to different directions on the day we broke up like the love story we watched in the drama series. I myself was confused why it happened but of course my life now has been fulfilled with someone else who loves me more than anything in this world.

In July, 2007, i started working as a partime lecturer in Dungun, Tganu. A very remote place you'll say, but it is the best memory i ever had. To walk on the beach, to eat at the hotel and to get the first experience teaching a class of boys! As a fresh graduate, I was so young back then, with my innocent-look that cause some boys playing naughty phonecalls to this so-called English lecturer. Who knows i then transfered to Penang in January 2008 and this enables me to visit my family in Perak more often. I know it's my mom's prayer at Mecca that makes me choose this path of life and i hope the spirit to teach won't die overtime.

Well, i hope 2010 brings me more health, wealth and happiness. I wish i could complete my postgraduate study end of this year, settle down, get married and live happily with two beautiful kids. To my late grandma, i hope you rest in peace. I'm sorry you can never see me walk side by side with my beloved man, but i ensure you he'll be taking care of me the way a gentleman will do.

With that, i close the curtain and welcome 2010 with new hope & joy.
Happy New Year everyone!

XX Peace XX

...Snow White..


Niezam said...

Amin, for all your wish for this year..Happy New Year..May Allah bless you always..

SnoW whiTe said...

Thank you for being the most faithful friend ever!

Anonymous said...

happy new year to snow white...