Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Second Child Syndrome

I went through an article about middle child syndrome, it was quite interesting to discover that i might be one of the victims, but i never give a damn about it. LOL. Most of the characteristics mentioned match my personality, though. Visit :

Here are some of the examples:

1.The middle or second born child or children often have the sense of not belonging. They fight to receive attention from parents and others because they feel many times they are being ignored or dubbed off as being the same as another sibling.

--> I often being ignored by my parents since i was a child, not in the sense of gaining attention but in term of being pampered. I looked after my younger siblings as early as the age of four, and got blame for all their mischief which has never happend to my elder bro. This is soo..unfair.

2. Being a middle child would mean they are loners.They really don’t like to latch on to a person in a relationship, there fore they have trouble keeping one due to lack of interest.

--> For certain extent, yes... i am a lone Ranger. I do and decide my things my own way. I have the heart of stone. I speak up and protect the ones I love.

3. They are however very artistic and creative.The best career move for a middle child would be along the lines of using their creativity.

--> Exactly. I do paintings and drawing. I rebelled myself through poetry. I wrote my own songs and sealed it safe in my own secret place.

4. Going into a writing or journalism career, and into a career that they could freely express themselves would be good.

---> Haha. Journalism suits me once in a blue moon. Yeah, that was my dream career before i indulge myself into the field of education.

5. Since relationships are not of high importance to a middle child, often times they are alone. However, the best possible match for a middle child would be a last born.

--> The last born? Anyone there a last born and interested with me? LOL. This could be true. He will agree with this * wink.

Actually, both my mom and dad are also the middle child. I have talked to them about this issue and it seemed they experienced the same things. Hehe. But of coz this happened to us and parents rarely notice about this since many give attention to the first child or the youngest ones. Never we realize the 2nd born will feel dishearten and neglected among siblings. Though my parents acknowledge this issue, they still forgot about me being the middle child as well. But i accept this as a blessing from God.

But you almost forget that there is always one good thing about being the second child:

YOU are independent
You have great influence over the younger siblings..
since your parents trust you more
than the eldest.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things That Make YOu Different

This gonna be very short.
There are 3 things i learn today:

1) Do good deeds as if you won't expect the reward
2) Think of God everytime you feel you are at loss
3) Smile though you cry inside

A very special person has made me realized of how beautiful life could be if we toss out the paintings on the canvas with a loving heart. And the incident i experienced actually resembles the story in this inspiring website:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Me and People :)

Although my life is quite hectic now, i still feel the excitement of giving lectures and going to classes this week despite the annoying phonecalls and sms i got from my brother. I think he needs serious help with his new relationship with the girl he was introduced to, but until now i didnt bother to ask since i believe a man must have a clear direction about what to do in life. Either later on you swim or drown, you have to fight to win. Last Saturday, i went back to Perak and suprised to see him home too, so i showed him my poyo face whenever i bumped into him in the kitchen, bathroom door or the garden yard. Pheww... *bad sister.

However, there are things that make me feel good this week. Perhaps, law of attraction really works and the universe responses to the positive things of my thoughts.. :)

And thank you to all my students who are being so supportive for the Language Carnival 2010, you guys rock!! (I love your singing, and the song you wrote of course!)Though it's not over yet, I believe we have discovered new talents in our class and no matter you win or lose, the fun through your hardwork is the important element that counts!

Less than 3hours, I'll be helping my collegue to conduct the Essay Writing Contest - the first contest ever. Good luck, my dear students. See you there!