Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things That Make YOu Different

This gonna be very short.
There are 3 things i learn today:

1) Do good deeds as if you won't expect the reward
2) Think of God everytime you feel you are at loss
3) Smile though you cry inside

A very special person has made me realized of how beautiful life could be if we toss out the paintings on the canvas with a loving heart. And the incident i experienced actually resembles the story in this inspiring website:



Niezam said...

Thanks for sharing the story. The good example to inspire all people especially those who are involve as a educator. All children have own unique characteristic yet to be discovered.

Old dwarf said...

can u do all the 3 things that u learn??the 3rd one is pretty hard to do...more pain in heart...well,wut ever happen to u...be strong..old dwarf will help u..hehe..keep on smiling..

SnoW whiTe said...

Someone in my class taught me so. Yes, i am able to do those three. What about you? :b

Old dwarf said...

the 2nd one i cant do it...i had that kind of situation b4..and i almost gie up...life sumtimes cruel...

Old dwarf said...

when u gonna change yor pic?

Anonymous said...

theres this quote i read in the net sometime last year i think,

-To live happily without regrets, be good to everyone and everything without expecting or demanding anything-

i think its the same as the first.hmm,but i kinda halfly(is there such a word?) disagree with the third one.i think when ur sad, u should be sad and not smiling,just as long it doesnt affects relationship with others =)

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi nazrin, i do agree with you. But metaphorically speaking, you should be happy always.

Old dwarf, i'm not changing my display pic for the time being. Mybe when my time allows me space 2do so.