Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How Snow White Gets Her Name

Someone sms me today for disguising myself as 'Snow WhiTe' in blogspot, for no one knows there's a story behind this nickname. Hehe. But why would anyone care for your fullname or surname since bloggers write stories about their mundane lives 2b shared in public and some even express anger and disastifaction to the boss while being so stressed up with jobs or some even had a spiteful talk about certain political parties online. In other words, with the rapid growth of the modern science and technology including the internet, all information and knowledge can be shared just by one click and this depends on the individual to perceive it as good or bad.

I love reading blogs and i respect people's view of certain topics as i believe this is the place where you can integrate your ideas with others, and you can use it as a platform to introduce your hobbies or interests of certain areas. Thus, the background of the writer is less important than the topics being posted or so it seems. ALthough nicknames are not becoming an issue for bloggers, i would say they play major roles since they usually resemble the authors' personality. And why do i call myself Snow WhiTe? Was it because my father, the King married an evil Queen who gets jealous with my skin beauty? Or i knew a brave n kind hunter who saves my life to the vicous power of the queen? And later on, adopted to the seven dwarfs family?

Definitely none of those. I choose this name because it is sweet, it reflects the purity of soul that equals to the external beauty. What is more, I love kids and usually surrounded by them.. so,i call them angels or my little dwarfs but usually an Old dwarf will often appear to guide 'Snow White' to her destination while seeking for the prince charming.

I hope this explanation is enough for my new readers to know a little bit about me. But surely knowing me in person is more interesting than reading about me alone :p

Monday, December 28, 2009


So,i'm moving in to blogspot and enduringly bid goodbye to friendster.LOL. There are lots of things to be updated, but i never seem to have the time to write a new post. So far, life has been treating me pretty well but i just got the news that the online registration for postgraduate mixed-mode has been closed! Damn it! I didnt even know that the due date was last Christmas n i was enjoying myself too much with the BBQ party on that day to even care about registering the subject online. WHat is worse, i called USM and was asked to pay RM200 fine since i hav to register the subject manually. It serves me right 4 being so ignorant.huhu.Next January will be a tough month for me since i have to survive without much cash in hands considering the fact the fee for the new semester is around 3k. Plus, i had spent most of my partime money to pay the bills, car service, books, groceries etc. And i shopped like a mad person last November and that really puts me into deep water. I will never do such things again... (younger sisters, please dont ask me to belanja you girls anymore in any lavish restaurants,ya)

I wish i could write more, but my eyes are feeling half dead. This is the moment when i miss my pillow the most!!!