Sunday, March 8, 2009

LoneLiNesS KiLLs

It's been a long gruesome months this blog hasn't been updated, i could see the spiderweb is everywhere.LOL. well, i need no reasons to explain any further why it was never been visited by people and the owner herself. Its coz the author is so damn bz with the so-called postgraduate study program till there's no time 2browse the net and update a new post.huhu.

Well, its true. I hav been bombarded with piles of asgmnts... and overloaded with work at campus. if only this sem could earlier, it would be much different. while i'm updating this entry, i'm still absorbing the knowledge about psycholinguistics though i couldnt understand much. God,
Loneliness really kills... if only there's someone gonna visit me here in penang. Let me ask if there's any generous creature 2do so.



.................long silence.