Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eclipse Tore me down

Hey readers, i'm back.
I finally completed my mission to watch the Twilight saga series, Eclipse three hours ago due to the enthralling comments made by my collegues and students. So, i expected it to be better with more thrilling actions and battles since the Twilight and New Moon have always been my favourite, but i was wrong just to find out that the new release is damn dull and boring. And of course, Edward Cullen- as always, catch the girl's eyes/attention since he is handsome and protective despite his conventional qualities in courting a girl. I do not know why Edward character doesn't attract me much recently since i feel Bella doesnt make a right choice of accepting his proposal, since her willingness to be a vampire is based on the teenage infatuation and irrational judgment she has, thus, Jacob is probably right that a human should remain one.

Overall, i guess Ecplise is a just a normal romantic story for high school girls. Couples fall in love, having fights, seeking for reconciliation and is brought back together at last. It also centralizes the idea that guys are supposed to be gentleman and girls will always depend on them for protection. As if it's a tradition of a romantic movie, love-triangle occurs in the middle and friendship becomes a great challenge. The girls who love mysterious, determined and protective man will definitely choose Edward while those who are into mutual friendship, encouragement and support will end up falling for the strong-build Jacob. I do love Edward's qualities but if I were Bella, I would rather choose Jacob for an everlasting relationship.LOL. Girls might need love and attention, but poor understanding can lead to communication breakdown.

However, if people ever asked about my favourite character, it would always be.....

Dr Carlise Cullen - the Father of Vampire. I think he has the best characteristic among all -intelligent, very charismatic, gorgeous and cool (so girls, what else do you want? Edward is just a young man in love and Jacob plays with his emotion frequently)
Well, thanks to Stephanie Meyer for introducing me to this world of Vampires and Werewolves. But in our Malay culture, nobody seems to be interested in Vampires since Pontianak is always perceived as a long-haired woman who loves to mengilai histerically in villages to scare people. LOL.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Snow White!

I know its kinda funny to wait for the midnight, but it always makes me nervous to see who is the first person that's gonna wish me birthday. I realize that as you grow older, you dont really seem to remember your friends' birthdate.LOL. I myself only rely on their Facebook profile or sometimes i dont even bother to check their information in details since i need to catch up with many challenging tasks that require me to use most parts of the brain (mayb that explains why i tend to forget and misplace many things).

Well, i knw that this blog has been neglected for quite awhile. I've been off to the shore for quite long, sorry readers to make you waiting. Nazrin, hope u'll remain one of the devotees.hehe.

I wanna wish myself Happy birthday.
May god bless you, big girl.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love is Love

(To him who once failed to love and be loved)

If i fall in love, it will be forever or i'll never fall in love.

If i give my heart, i give it completely or i'll never give my heart.

But love is love

that plays its game through time.

If you dont accept my very worse,

you don't deserve my very best.

You are part of me,

But love says that it is not for eternity.