Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Snow White!

I know its kinda funny to wait for the midnight, but it always makes me nervous to see who is the first person that's gonna wish me birthday. I realize that as you grow older, you dont really seem to remember your friends' birthdate.LOL. I myself only rely on their Facebook profile or sometimes i dont even bother to check their information in details since i need to catch up with many challenging tasks that require me to use most parts of the brain (mayb that explains why i tend to forget and misplace many things).

Well, i knw that this blog has been neglected for quite awhile. I've been off to the shore for quite long, sorry readers to make you waiting. Nazrin, hope u'll remain one of the devotees.hehe.

I wanna wish myself Happy birthday.
May god bless you, big girl.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Snow White!

SnoW whiTe said...

Thanks, Putera Bongsu.

Niezam said...

Happy Birthday :)

Old dwarf said...

sorry i didnt wish for your birthday last nite...and im kinda sad cuz im not the 1st person to wish yor birthday...guess i have to wait another year..but it is fair cuz u didnt wish my birthday too...haha :p..just kidding..

anyway..happy birthday snow white...dun alwez be pn dah HAPPY u must be happy..

Musfadly said...

lalalala....i want to sing you a birthday song. Happy Birthday.

SnoW whiTe said...

Dear all, thanks. Mus, i miss u and frens. Old dwarf, its fair and square.. rite :p

I had the most beautiful celebration ystrday.
Thanks to my collegues who threw a suprise birthday party at my office!

And nazrin and friends too, for the treat at Pizza hut. U guys make me feel young once again. he2.

Thanks all. I am blessed with your love ;)