Friday, January 29, 2010

Hinode Tour

I visited Hinode Shop at Jusco and came across a silver metal frame with a lovely painted poem entitled "My Love". Actually, i like reading poems and collecting quotations and the Italian and Shakespearean sonnets are among my favourites. However, I seem to neglect this hobby for years..and guess what, since nobody is going to buy me that, i then decided to but it for my ownself.LOL.

*so much waiting for a fancy stuff! :p

My Love
Higher than the sky above
Deeper than the sea
Stronger than the winter winds
Blowing through the trees
Richer than the honey's taste
Sweeter than the dew
Greater that the reach of time.
This is my love for you.


Old dwarf said...

no ppl buy that to u ??hehe...poor snow white...actually..i am not good at poem or any la kn,old dwarf kn dah tua..

Anonymous said...

miss shopaholic,got a nice ring to much for trying to save this year =)

SnoW whiTe said...

Old dwarf, you'd better study the skills to win a woman's heart and one of them is to buy them romantic/fancy stuffs.Hehe.

Nazrin, i was seriously broke last month as my M.A fee at USM is around 3k. So, this is the month where i should celebrate n reward myself with something cool. Especially when nobody cares about what i buy.LOL.

Old dwarf said...

i will buy u one of that to u next time...

SnoW whiTe said...

I wish it was real. And it is from the prince charming, not the old dwarf :p

dein1217 said...

miss seems like had abroken heart but i like all the words u meaningful.

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi dein, it's not about heartbreak. It's about waiting for a romantic gift from someone. Hehe. Maybe your birthday voucher will mend the heartbreak, then :b

Wan Sujaihah Tsukushi said...

What a pity..snow white.i always get wat i want.huhu.

shaik said...

Old Dwarf...i thought people bcome clever & smarter ;such as elder and wizard, as they grew older.em.. except for old ppl which began to suffer memory losses. I think it's time for Old Dwarf to go to hospital..we'll pray for u('',)

reward yourself after doing job,
but don't shop till you drop, bcause sky isn't always bright, darkness lurks beyond our sight.