Sunday, May 9, 2010

Plans for this Month

Hope i won't sound like a sissy to complain again about the weather. But trust me, it's getting hotter day by day in Malaysia, particularly in Penang. What is worse, for those who never know; my skin is allergic to the weather. Guess it was getting obvious when pink rashes seem to turn up all over my skin due to the drastic change of temperature. It looks really ugly but thank god it fades slowly when i sit near the fan or run into an airconditioned room.

Last night, i was invited to attend a Pre-graduation dinner for Part 6 Chemical Engineering students with my housemates at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Kepala Batas. They were practically not my students but since my housemate is teaching them this semester, I was asked to tag along. The food is okay but i didnt manage to try all since i started to get stomach ache even before the dinner. The event started with a speech by the program director, followed by a band performance + karaoke session. We also had Lucky Draw in between, and among all lecturers who occupied my table, only me were not so really lucky (since their numbers were all being called to get the gifts/hampers except mine). However i enjoyed taking photos of my food and the outstanding students' performance.

Everyday seems to be fully packed this week with all the gathering and courses i need to attend. What is interesting lately, there will be a family day for Pewani at Agro Sedim, Kedah this 15th may but i gotta cancel my participation since my Mom asked me to accompany her to KL due to her medical appointment. And i'm going to have a teaching course next week, and another course in UiTM Dungun the other week.And the following week after the other week will be my visit to Manipal, India....(and thinking of all the plans, i dont knw when i'm gonna start writing my thesis again!)

Now i'm craving for the Japanese/Korean food my officemate mentioned last week. Tomorrow insyaallah will be a trip to Korean food at Seoul Garden with my collegues! (",)

p/s Happy Mother's Day to all Moms all over the world. No matter where i travel to, i carry your dreams.


Sir Juzylee said...

of coz miss, Malaysia getting hotter especially PENANG...terengganu also, PANAS..bile miss dtg uitm dungun ???
sye dduk paka dkt je tu dgn UiTM dungun..hehe

shaik said...


mnarikla ble ad segmen b.melayu kt cni, rse lain mcm plk.sbb slalunye dlm english.

happy teacher's day.sori msg kt segmen lain heheh.k

pkaila payung

Lina^ Chan said...

haha! Seoul Garden...more like All you can eat there kan? I went there too for few times with frenz here in One Utama..but now it has to transfer to another wing of the building,and reopens this June if im not mistaken.
just to let u know, if next time u come here, and feel like eating korean foods, u can go to one utama.

feel free to tell me when u come down here so we can meet up =)

SnoW whiTe said...

Sir Juzylee,
Yeah, its hotter but kat tganu pun sama panas agaknye.

thanks, bahasa jiwa bangsa =)

just now went to Sakaei Sushi instead. Ordered salmon & tenpayaki benton + 2plates of sushi. It was damn delicious.

Yeah, woll inform you later =)

Anonymous said...

funny,my skin is allergic to the hot weather too,but its far more worse than rashes and takes days to heal.though i am also allergic to seafood(but i still ate them everytime) and exams.haha

btw,y the sudden visit to india newys?

and theres something i wanted to ask but keep forgetting.whose pictures are u using as a profile photo?

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi nazrin,
never knew that you also have skin allergic. But i understand its kind of irritating :(

Oh, i'm visiting india for tourism purpose (since my sister is studyin in a medical school there).

That pic is Demi Lovato - disney channel star in Camp Rock movie. guess she was not that famous since many keep asking me who she is.

Actly a student came and told me my face looks exactly like her (or maybe without tudung), but i'm not sure what would u think.haha.

shaik said...

I think Snow White is much better then um,er....who was that..oh, Demi Lovato. How about u replace her for that movie?

U're shy, eh?hehe...

Rise and shine('',)

SnoW whiTe said...

Dear shaik,
i dun mind being a film star or replacing her in the movie. but i'm afraid her fans will be boo-ing me with a loser sign.


Musfadly said...

kedah isn't that hot. especially on highland areas. but it's still hotter than a couple of years b4. i guess one day it'll become just as hot as penang now. and penang will be getting worse day by day. it's in critical level of global warming (read it somewhere last week)

SnoW whiTe said...

Yeah, are right.
I'm afraid the global warming will affect us soon. This is the time to go green!

Let's plant more trees in order to save our Mother Earth.

shaik said...

I'm just wondering whether we can celebrate our Mother Earth in Mother's Day.

A very big slice of cake for her, perhaps?

And i still believe that Snow White is much better for that movie. Dun worry bout that boo-ing fans, if they're about a thousand, there's still millions behind u hehe...

if there's least u still got me('',)

SnoW whiTe said...

Thanks shaikh. Let's start Snow White Fan Club against Demi Lovato's, then :p