Monday, May 3, 2010

How Strange!

Funny that i received an sms from a long distance friend who was suprised to read my previous entry when it was written in Malay. A bit peculiar too when this friend (also a Malay) thought i was out of my mind pouting for attention due to some personal issues. This is totally perplexing. Why on earth am i being questioned that way? Let me explain again why i wrote in Malay for those who seem so curious about the drastic change in my blogging entry last time!

Dear all, I wrote in Malay because I am proud to be one. I consider myself as very Malay - I eat Malay food daily (though i eat pizzas and sushi), wear baju kurung to work everyday (though i love cheong-sam and sari), practice Malay culture (though video games overshadowed guli and gasing) and I strongly criticize Malays who fail their mother tongue and neglect their tradition (go get a Malay tutor or register for tuition class, people!). Thus, is it a big sin if I for that matter trying to write in Malay because I am longing for its beautiful courtesy and language??

And unfortunately, some thought I'm gonna change my blog to a fully Malay version very soon. And some provoked that I was sulking by someone, affected emotionally and wrote everything in Malay to express my frustration. Dear these so-called people, for God's sake, I'm gonna maintain my blog in English since i have my other international friends and bloggers who are following my blog frequently. And didn't you notice the word 'Edisi Terhad' (Limited Edition) on the previous title which obviously signifies the most special edition among other entries- that it's gonna be different and unique on its own way? Mark my word for that.

And i wonder how strange some Malays are. How weird that adopting Western lifestyle transforms your thoughts too as orang putih. I thought giving others support in uplifting the Malay language could be a noble stance.

Guess that I was wrong.
I really was.


Khairi Nairfan said...

The only think I can said
Biarlah diorang nak kata apa
Its your blog not them
Kire suka hatilah miss nak buat apa pun kat blog miss kan?

Well, there are once some of people visit my blog
And then they read the blog post that written in English
Next, they give comments that my english sucks and so on
Of courselah my English is not like my BEL lecturer
Like I really care?
or in malay, "Ada aku kesah?"
Walaupun dia kata sakit hati je baca
Hello? Even my secondary school english teacher pun tak mengutuk macam tu pun

Well, I hope you see my point
meleret pulak cerita panjang2 :p

SnoW whiTe said...

Thanks Khairi Nairfan for visiting my blog and leaving me such a constructive comment =)

Yeah,you are right - It is up 2us to do anything with our blog. Actually, blogging is a way for people to transmit thoughts and ideas, plus, to improve their language through writing. I myself encourage my students to blog no matter how horrible their Malay grammar or English is.This boosts confidence in writing, if some ppl do not notice.

I enjoy reading your blog too, Khairi =)
Keep on blogging.
Maybe it helps to promote your design skills =)

Khairi Nairfan said...

I really enjoy in blogging
since I was a person
who like to tell story about me to everyone
everything happened to me is declared as 'interesting'
and im so excited to tell it to everyone
of courselah budak2 ni yg jadi mangsa mendengar cerita saya
esp Justin :p

SnoW whiTe said...

HEhe..really?? =)
Yes, i know you hav many interesting stories to be shared. I also feel amused and excited to hear your tales n stories. Maybe some ppl dont understand why bloggers are so unique on their own way.

But I'm sure you have made Justin's life more colourful than before =)

Anonymous said...

well,i have to say this,
that person surely have some issues.haha

we are living at a time where people try to push their idealogy to it nice or just lame like the person that gave the annoying text.

but i'm sure u r a person with principles and reasonable pride to think that that guy is an immature person,or maybe he/she is having offense though.

i wish u all the best and know that u can overcome this.miss=)

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi nazrin,
It's been a while i haven't seen you lurking on the net. Guess that final exam really puts you into silent mode, eh?? :p

But nwy thanks a bunch for the supportive comment. It really made my day =)