Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You & Me

Dedicated to Cheng Jun who had always been a part of me..

First love has always been the first part of my heart.
But you, my love...gonna take the rest.
In life, every chapter which unfolds describes a story. A story that reveals your secret, your past and your upcoming events. In each chapter, some characters are just trespassers or sometimes they remain till the end of the story but disappear overtime. It is at these times when you'll have to flip over your life novel to learn something from your experience.

Unfortunately, i have always been the minor character in your life. But i realize it affects the ending of your story.

A blastful, happy ending.



Old dwarf said...

i wonder hw does cheng jun felt if he read this...hehe..
i guess im just a tresspasser too...tompang lalu ye

farahayuni said...

auwww. i like!!!!

SnoW whiTe said...

Old Dwarf,
He'll never visit and nvr knw the existence of this site, i guess.hehe.

yea.. thnx for the compliment.

Old dwarf said...

shall i promote it to him??hehe...

SnoW whiTe said...

yeah, if u dare enough to do so. hehe.

Old dwarf said...

ooo...threatening me ea...xpe xpe..looks like i didnt know who he is..hehe