Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Most Tasteless Film

ALthough there have been a great comments and criticism upon the film 'Lagenda Budak Setan' - LBS adapted from the novel Ahadiat Akasyah (my friend's most hated author), i nver jumped into a conclusion until i myself watch it to evaluate the issues the author presented. NOw, despite the wonderful comments from others, i hereby say that this is the most tasteless film i ever watched! Here are some of the reasons:

1. The story and the plot is illogical. I can understand stories like Harry Potter and LOTR are claimed to be illogical too, but these films fall under fiction and fantasy, while LBS is not. BEsides, the setting takes place in a university; the university students portrayed in the movie represent second class mentality in which it is okay to make fun of the professors/lecturers and it is acceptable to intimidating other students at the university cafe.

2. Lecturers are academicians in which their job is to teach and deliver ideas during the lesson. A rational professor won't be affected emotionally by a small love letter left between the pages of the textbook. In LBS,the lecturer cancels the class immediately due to the prank joke applied by Kasyah and friends.

3.The theme of love is centralized as the main issue. Love at first sight plunging Kasyah and he cant stop thinking about Ayu, though he initially puts a lizard in the drink can (which he doesnt know belongs to Ayu) and he later on repents from any misdeeds to tackle Ayu. I view this as something ridiculous because the drastic change of Akasyah doesnt make sense to me since Ayu is a stranger. Akasyah's main motive to change is not because he honestly regrets his bad attitude toward others, it's rather the lust he feels about Ayu. Ayu in the movie is described as pretty; the question arises is, would Kasyah comes to her rescue if the girls he puts the prank on is ugly?

5. The lecturer's job to punish Kasyah by asking him 2 do hundreds of sits up is again nonsensical. We, lecturers have a lot of other jobs to care about applying corporal punishment to such students.

6. Having a "dana" to continue a big project would be impossible for a trouble maker like Kasyah. In a university rule, a student who involved with disciplinary problems (especially the serious ones) would be dismissed or be taken any privileges. Kasyah is called "Budak Setan" since he has involved in many kinds of illegal actions and been called to the disciplinary units.

7. The plastic surgery thingy was really funny! LOL. An accident like that would have made the victims died on the spot.

8. 'Hilang ingatan' and being transferred to remote places are the only ways for the author to make things complicated in Malay stories. Isn't there any other alternatives?

9. This movie lacks Islamic values. Love is the only thing that matters to both Kasyah and Ayu. Love drives people mad. Love leads to jealousy. Love takes away rationality. What about love to God and Rasul?

10. People cry due to its sentimental love story. But people are you sure it is because of the story or the music soundtrack? I think the music soundtrack really plays a vital role to affect audience's emotion, not the story itself.

Malay authors and Malay movies should consider the moral parts and the Islamic values injected in the films to make sure what is presented can influence teenagers' way of thinking to behave in an Islamic way. LBS is only a fantasy of a school girl to have a nice boyfriend like Kasyah who will love her till the end of time. Well, girl.. trust me.. it won't happen that easy in real life.LOL.


farahayuni said...

are we getting lame or what? hahaha

SnoW whiTe said...

Lame in term of which aspect? ;p

Ninie Ahmad said...

If you read both books (LBS and EPL), you'd agree that both movies are really bad interpretation of the books (LBS the book didn't even take place at uni LOL and don't get me started on Eat Pray Love the movie, what a disappointment!) and most authors don't have much say on how their masterpiece will look like on silverscreen.

I was heartbroken upon finding out LBS the movie was to be directed by the same director that directed Tipu Kanan Tipu Kiri, come on..

Thanks for your comments on my blog :) although this post was more of 'review' of the trailers not the movies ;), post bulan May tu Dik!

Old dwarf said...

well...i like the 1st half part of the story...ayu and kasyah start to fall in love..where lisa act as ayu..but after ayu decided to change her face..the story become bored...i dun like the way the new ayu act...she looks like stone...and 1 more thing...guy will do anything if he really found his me...its real...u girls probably will said guy has short mind to do sumthing soo recklessly...

if snow white meet that kind of guy..u will understand...its hard to find that type of guy..hehe..and i agree with u that the best actor is que haidar..

SnoW whiTe said...

i dun agree with you. the first half part of the story already bores me! Thats why i keep fwding the film to just find out the main plot. i criticize the story because the guy repents bcoz he wants to tackle the girl, not bcoz he really regrets.

plus, i believe a rational girl wont accept this kind of man that,if you man feel this is true love, i regard all men in this world as silly as well.since u guys go for beauty without analyzing the background of the girl.

another main reason is to accept a non-virgin girl as a wife. ALthough Kasyah's accpetion is considered as a blessful thing 2do for many girls, i discard this idea. Kasyah is blinded by love, and i dun think a "beriman" man would accept that easy and even he does, i'm sure he'll guide the girl to become a good muslimah (which i dun think he will)

Well, a story is a story. Everyone has his own opinion. But i just feel they are tragic hero which cant served as role models for our Malaysian youth.

Old dwarf said...

waa...u really hate LBS...haha..kasyah is really bad person...but ayu didnt accept him soo easy...try watch it movie it may look easy..cuz movie only have about 1hr 30mnts duration...
beauty...evry guy look for beauty...its common thing..after guy look at beauty, guy will look for the inner side of the girl...hehe..of is not soo important..but it is natural that evrybody like to see beautifull things..

about the non-virgin..hmmm..y did u said a 'beriman' man wouldnt accept that easy??so, u said that 'beriman' guy shud be with 'beriman' girl??and bad guy shud be with bad girl??..

this story is not about to be a role model...its about reality that will hppn in certain ppl's life...and guess wut...ahadiat akasyah won a trophy 'cerita asal terbaik' at FFM...

SnoW whiTe said...

Ahadiat Akasyah may have won a trophy 'cerita asal terbaik' because there are so many irrational silly teenagers who support his work. A popular film/story does not indicate whthr it is a quality piece of work. Well, this is individual's right but i reckon this would be a light reading for those who enjoy light entertainment.

Yeah, right now i'm focusing on movie, so that is why i criticize them.prove to me why you say Ayu in the movie does not accpt him that easy. What i realize is, she directly accepts him once he goes for the physical push-ups etc because she feels guilty since she is the one who forces him 2apologize to the public for his bad deeds.She may look annoyed initially but it does not last long.

Now prove to me how u say that Kasyah looks at the good side of the girl. He has not. He is full of lust and he is blinded by love. He easily expresses his love the next day after the lame physical torture.

Of coz a beriman girl must be with a beriman guy. if only the whole male species in this world are beriman, i dun think the rape cases and "zina" increase rapidly in Malaysia. A man is supposed to guide a woman, mind me, if i say the root of the social problems in the world is because of the failure of home institution. This comes from the "ketua keluarga" who is not able to educate the children religious values.

Every story must hav moral values to educate the youth. if you say it is not important to do so, then you are deviating from the path of GOd. The reality potrayed is realistic but what is depicted must be considered.

Again, i wanna repeat that any director/author that won an award does not symbolize a quality piece of work becoz popularity is gained through the votes of fans. If the original story was a brilliant piece, it should have been framed as an intelligent work like the ones from the "Sasterawan Negara".

I apologize for any inappropiate words. With that, i rest my case.

Old dwarf said...

i dont think that ayu accept him when she saw kasyah do the push up..she only forgive him...not accept him as a boyfriend yet..

kasyah expresses his feeling the next day after the push up??how do u said it was the next day??in the movie it may look like the next day..but in reality,it wont hppn in the next day..the movie wont tell everything they do everyday...
after all...after the 300 push ups,i dont think that he will get better soo soon...

i still dont agree that u said beriman guy shud be with beriman is not that simple...ppl change from time to time...soo a bad person will change to be a gud person if they have a good bad person doesnt deserve to have a beriman girl??the girl can guide the man to walk in the right path..ketua keluarga still remain as a guy...but a wife shud reminds the fmily leader if he does a mistake...everybody do mistake...

im sorry if my thought is a bit different from yours..and i almost out of materials...since im not good in literature..haha...i just write according to my experience..

SnoW whiTe said...

Old Dwarf,
If you watch "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare, you will see this is a tragicomedy - in which both lovers die together. An irrational "jiwang" person would take them as role model, but a wise person would say that they are two idiots who are blinded by love.

I think LBS is more like a tragicomedy to me; a Malay version of Romeo Juliet which twists at the end since only the woman dies and the man survives.

Yeah, i know that she forgives him, but later after that kasyah utters, "i love u", isnt he? ayu also shows interest directly right after that, signifying she is approving her acceptance though it is not officially.

Well, i agree with you that the movie doesnt reveal everything but for a lame person like me, i'll think it happens the next day.i dun find any quality values for both lovers.if you agree that this doesnt happen in reality, why didnt the movie convey the reality?

Yeah, i agree that people can change and improve frm time to time. But i dun see any religious values in Kasyah that can guide a wife, except lust and love he feels for the other person.if i were a gud girl, i won't accept a bad guy unless the guy has improved to become gud, only then he deserves to have a wife like me. LOL.

In Islam, a man is a LEADER. there is no such thing a woman oversteps the position. A woman only serves as a "backbone" or co-guidance for the man. They should remind each other about good values. But again, the man must have more knowlegde than the woman.

One more thing,if the guy is really "beriman", he would never choose a girl without scarf (tudung) to be his wife. If he did, then the woman must change first, so she can deserve the man.

Yeah, i appreciate you comment. But if you were in my literature class during my degree, i dunno whether my lecturer will give you a grade or not for your "film criticm" essay.heheh. *just joking.

May you become a gud Islamic leader one day! =)

Old dwarf said...

looks like i failed to beat u.. :(
i duno hw u literature students think...
but i still dun agree with u..huh!!..
wut use to be 'beriman'??is it just to have a 'beriman' girl??i would say that is not fair...i dunno wut the reason is but i can feel that is not sound like 'pentingkan diri'...

SnoW whiTe said...

Old Dwarf,
this is just an opinion. i never say ur opinion is wrong.

Plus, i never say to be a beriman is to get a beriman girl. what i emphasize is in order to have a harmonious world with less social problems, u hav to make sure u follow the ISlamic path and marry a beriman wife too. The prophet also puts priority on "religion values" as the best characteristic to find a wife, so one day you will raise up soleh & solehah children. EVen this does not guarantee your children to be good, but at least the parents have done the best.

Nwy, you are free to marry any woman you like. CHoose wisely :p