Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Miss You

Back with exam scripts marking - but my eyelids hardly open after long hours, cramming my neck back n forth reading the students' English essays. So, I decided to start updating my blog again!

Well, i know this blog has been neglected for soo...long. It is not like the Paleolitic ppl are going to read it anyway, but i realized the number of readers are less compared to two years ago. Well, two years ago would hav painted a thousand of stories with lots of ups and down and my very own journey through my study and career years. This blog has been with me from the beginning of the intense life as a lecturer, the struggles to compete with other Master students/classmates and the bitter pain of being a mid 20's woman. This blog has really been my bestfriend, (though it may not be with me all the time) but it connects me with the other side of world and other bloggers as well.It's the place where i reach my readers' thought and i read theirs.

Actually, I'd really like to thank everybody especially Old Dwarf for being my online faithful bestfriend.God knows how much kindness i need to repay you, right. For standing by my side whether i sink or swim. There are also a few readers i would like to mention here - but i dont know if they ever come back to read this entry. Coz Life would have become very different every now and then.

Here is a poem i hav on my mind right now:

I miss you like i never met you yestdy,
I miss you like i wont meet you tomorrw.
If we meet today,
Would i miss you as much as i do now?
Or would our hearts beat to two?
As years passed by..
and time flies free.
I carved our names on the sand.
The waves might wipes them away..
The rain might drop hard till dawn.
But the memories remain -
like it never fade.

Till then, till we meet in another entry.


Old dwarf said...

awww..im touched with your post..i've neva imagined that my appearance in your life would give soo much meanings too u..it has been 4yrs we know each other..u too have teach me alot :) thank u snow white..i know we've been arguing alot of topics:p..but im still enjoyed to have someone to argue with...

this blog have many stories..where the name of 'snow white' is born..hope u can stil updated it..and im looking forward to it...

thanks for the poem..is my name carved on the sand??lol..

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi old dwarf,

Like always, it seems that it's only you reading my blog. Hehe.. yeah, u r right. This blog has many stories n even explains the origin of the name - "Snow White".

Oh, the poem is not specialized for u only.hehe.

U dun need to wait ur name to be carved on the sand. Coz it will be written on memories that may never die.

Old dwarf said...

i also long time didnt read your blog cuz too bz..but i think by reading your blog makes me close to u..hw long will the tales continue??..

looks like my name will be remembered..hehe..so,wut is your next post??is about your work??headcahe with little dwarves??or about the eartquake which disturbing u every nite??

SnoW whiTe said...

i am not sure abt the next entry. do u hav any idea? i noticed most bloggers write more abt their personal life, what they do etc everydy.. i wonder if i shld change the topics to be that way.

Old dwarf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old dwarf said...

well..myb u can write about music..since we both love music..u can write about music genre..there are many kinds of genre now..in 80's,the genre of rock quite famous..but now..i see indies genre that have taken the thrown..let see wut will u write in your next post..

SnoW whiTe said...

Indie music?
You wanted me to write about Indie music? Haha. I think it's better for you to try write one entry yourself. Why dont you write a blog as well since you hav the google account.

My students wrote a research about history of music in their BEL311 paper. It's merely reporting about what wikipedia discovered, so it doesnt sound much appealing.

Old dwarf said...

haha..i dont know how to create a blog..and im lazy to do it..i just want to be a commentator...leave a comment to bloggers like u..but actually i just follow your blog...others im lazy to follow..haha

Old dwarf said...

not about indie music..just write any genre that catch your heart..i just give it as an example..

SnoW whiTe said...

Old dwarf.. u r funny. I hope that you can start writing rather merely reading about others. i guess, u created ur nickname and signed up to blogger becoz of my blog, right.


nway, thnx for supporting me always.

Old dwarf said...

yeah..u were right..i created dis account just for your blog..im not a true blogger..im just interested in your writing..it attract me to follow your journey..but in the same time..u also change your nickname cuz of me..lol