Saturday, October 8, 2011

Date, Dating ,Outdated.

The date today is 8th October, 2011. Yesterday was 7th and tomorrow's gonna be the 9th. But again, what is the significance? Would anyone out there really care about the month, the date or the year? They were just numbers which guide and determine the day you are living on this earth. And again, you will never knw what will happen in the future and the very moment you are going to leave this world.

When talking about numbers, i was never really good in Maths nor brilliant in arithmetic but i was quite bright in numbers. I easily remember numbers (especially when the date has something significant with certain events) and recognize the rhythm of music. Thus, it made me easy to remember birthdays, telephone numbers and home address of my friends even though i never jot them out on a paper. My brain is the calendar - and even until nw, i never used a diary and i never forget the date of my department meeting, my appointment with students etc. Amazing, huh??

Some ppl might feel it is a gift from God. But in the darker side, it's difficult for me to forget certain sad events or blaring tragedy. Sometimes, i used to wake up in the morning and the atmosphere brings me back to the past once i remember that particular date. Well, here are a few important dates in the long time ago in which i cant erase from my mind. They are plunging my mind anywhere i go!

2 Sept - my ex birthday
29 Oct - anniversary with ex
6 july, 9 August, 31 May - people's birthday whom i never keep in touch with due to certain reasons
16 Nov - my anniversary with lovely one

...and the list goes on!

But i knw that 7th Oct would be in my mind forever starting today!
Coz Westlife landed in Kuala Lumpur to perform their concert here.


Sugar Lips said...

Numbers eh? come to think of it, i guess i don't have such strong memory like you. It is sad to think about what had happened in the past, isn't it? well, i hope you could only focus on the good things instead of the bad ones. Eventhough that unlucky someone has now become your -ex, try to dig out something from your memories with him that had taught you a lesson or two which somehow had helped transforming you into the new you today. Im just saying....btw, are u gonna be at the westlife's concert??

SnoW whiTe said...

Didnt i mention in the post that Westlife concert was on the 7oct? Today is 8th.. hehe! Guess you really, really forget about the date today!! :p

Well, i am stuck in penang - and i am pretty sure shane, kian, nicky and mark were enjoying their concert last night without my presence.

Yes, u r right, dear! What ever happens in the past taught u to be better in the future. And yes, i am willing to be better and better! :)

~SaL IjOu~ said...

I never knew u have such is really amazing..i hate math..(--")

Oh, whenever i saw or heard about westlife..definitely it reminds me of u!~ ;p

SnoW whiTe said...

R u sure, sal?

I thought you know that i have strong memory. Even now, i can still recall the content of the exam questions we had in UIA... (though not all)

Nwy, thanx for visiting.

Old dwarf said...
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Old dwarf said...

dates and numbers...i love them but i cnt rmmbr them like u..hard for me to rmmbr certain date like others birthday..

still rmmber the past..i though u already forget it..cuz in these past years u seem to have lots of sweet events...when u alone..try not thinking bout sad event..i know that some of humans when alone,they will thinking about past..not the future..i also felt that always when i cnt sleep at minds keep show up all the memories in the past..some are sad..some are happy thought..even sometimes i laugh by myself when funny thought suddenly came out..haha..err..knp sy rs mcm dah lari tajuk je??

SnoW whiTe said...

Old Dwarf,
you are very right.
Dates, numbers and past events - they are all connected to you. As much as we try to forget, the more it remains haunting us. I wish i cud try my best to forget. Mayb doing something else might take my mind off.

Old dwarf said...

the scars from the past wont heal 100%..i alwez rmmbr back the past when someone around me suddenly said a single word that can make me rmmbr back..usualy if that just stay low and quiet..inside me..only god knows wut im thinking..