Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No extravagant shopping plz!

Well, just come back from shopping at Body Shop. Guess i'd spent a lot time visiting this face & body boutique just to 'invest' some money on unnecessary things (well, what is money for if you dont waste it? LOL). And i think everytime i visited the place, i made friends with the salesgirls who used to call me 'adik'; i guess they never really know my age and i was just enjoying their company to be their regular customer. The unresolved matter I'm facing right nw is

the dark circle

under the eyes. The salegirls at Bodyshop recommended me a few concealers to hide the eyebags but it seems not really working.

Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer (RM75)

The only practical solution is to:

QUIT your job!

...and be a good housewife ;)
which i think would probably impossible right now. Oh btw, i just wanna share the photos during the Asian TEFL conference in Seoul Korea last July 2011; I was pleased that Jun Sang Park uploaded one my photos on his blog:

You may visit his blog:
http://blog.naver.com/victoryjsp/99627868 . But sorry, it is in Korean language. The only thing i remember about him is , among the millions audience in the conference room, he tegur me and asked, "Dear lady, how is the method of English teaching at your country? May you share with us?"Haha. Yeah,of coz i'm glad to share it with the audience. But he was just tooooo..goodlooking that some of our Malaysian women thought he is one of the Korean actors.

Jun Sang Park & me

Alright, i guess i gtg now. It is now 11pm and i would have to do some more readings for journal submission. It's a never ending writing, i need help. Oh, i need tips to reduce the eyebag, plz! Reading too much or gluing my eyes on the laptop screen won't help!


Old dwarf said...

the dark circle??tompok hitam kat bwh mata tu ke??i also have that too..but i got it not because of kurang tidur...terlebih tidur pn boleh jd benda tu jugak..but i know u also cover it by wearing glasses..

what happen if the salesgirl called u kakak??im sure u will not go there anymore..hehe..just kidding..

i visit that korean blog..all in korean language..dun understand at all...so,are u in love with him...hmmm???:p

Sugar Lips said...
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Sugar Lips said...

Interesting..even I myself do not shop at Body Shop....except during my student years of coz. hehe. Is the item you bought really effective?

P/s: He is really cute.

Ms Syakira said...

Old dwarf, I only cover dark circle by wearing glasses, you are right. I dont really use cosmetic products. Oh, btw, they suddenly address me "kakak" after i presented mykad for the Bodyshop member during the payment.

Sugar Lips, guess student's year is actully "lebih kaya" from what we are now, right.hehe. Oh, i tried the tester, it doesnt work.Luckily, i didnt waste my RM75.

Ms Syakira said...

Old Dwarf,

you may check one of his videos at youtube:

I just feel he is amazing n we share the same interest :p

Old dwarf said...

i just watch the video...is that really him...he looks cuter in this video..how old is he now??he looks like a celebrity..i wonder if u really will get a korean guy

Ms Syakira said...

And he is even cuter in real LIVE.haha. there are some other videos of his in TBS channel, but i guess it was deleted some times ago. It is like a TV pendidikan for the Korean students.

Actually he is an English teacher/English editor at Korean radio. During the conference, i met many cool people and i cud be the youngest presnter. Asian TEFL is now like my family, and we will be having another one in New Delhi end of this year...and in Manila in 2013. I might be seeing him again there since it is an annual event.

Oh... He started playing piano when he was 24 in 2005. you can assume his age.

Old dwarf said...

wow..so now he already 32..still look young..just like u..haha..so this year u will go around the world again...it is a nice experience..i wish that i could be like u someday..make frens with ppl around the world..

Ms Syakira said...

YEah, nice...
hm, i wish u the best too, old dwarf!!!

~SaL IjOu~ said...

sy x penah ada eyebags walopun kurang tido atau x tido semalaman..hehe..~

whohoh..bestnye dpt bergambar ngn mamat korea ensem~ ;p

~SaL IjOu~ said...

percaya x da setahun lebih sy x shopping..sobs*

~SaL IjOu~ said...

apa yg sy beli, ikut keperluan je..sbb duit elaun cukup2 pakai je..wuwu~

Ms Syakira said...

Iye ke Sal,
saya mmg kena menuntut dgn awak la mcmne xmau ada eyebag. Hehe... patut la awak selalu awet muda :p

Yup, nanti lepas posting, insyaallah ada rezki awak nak bershopping sakan :)