Saturday, January 7, 2012

Exploring Men's Thoughts

First of all, Happy New Year to all readers.
I was browsing through my FB wall and read this annoying Facebook posts:

Semakin seksi wanita semakin banyak pula DOSA lelaki..
Semakin degil wanita semakin banyak pula DOSA lelaki..
Semakin liar wanita semakin banyak pula DOSA lelaki..




Oh, i guess the male species shld stop posting about this crap, really. How many of them really2 follow the teaching of Islam and chasing for the opportunity to be in Jannah (Heaven). And what is worse, the men r looking for a perfect wife but they themselves hang out with bad girls, bawa perempuan ke hulu ke hilir, bermesra dgn ramai perempuan di Night Club, naik motor berempit sesama lelaki perempuan : are these the ways Muslim men should behave? How are the women going to listen to the so-called "men's advice" if they also hanyut ditarik utk menjadi ahli neraka. LOL. Now ada hati nak cari wanita solehah bila diri sendiri pun tak soleh.

If women are sexy, degil or wild, it is not an excuse for men to be sinners. A true Muslim man would restrain themselves from Zina and prevent themselves from anything that may cause Fitnah. Women are not to be blamed, but guided. MEN- you claim that you are the leaders in the family and Ummah, but have you played your role effectively in developing a good Muslim community?


~SaL IjOu~ said... damn ridiculous!!..totally agree wit u kyra..
"A true Muslim man would restrain themselves from Zina and prevent themselves from anything that may cause Fitnah"..

why on earth they put the blame on women~ (--")

cut the crap!!

Ms Syakira said...

Congrats for being the first to comment, Sal.

Yay, long live Islam! :)

~SaL IjOu~ said...

yay! hehe..~
& thanks for your comment on my blog!~ ;p

Old dwarf said...

well..this is a nice topic...women blaming men..and men blaming women..but none dare to blame their ownself...women alwez expecting men to guide them..but u must rmember that man is just normal human..manusia akan sentiasa buat kesilapan..

Ms Syakira said...

Women would not blame men if men dont blame women.Haha.


Becoz these so-called men said because of women, they got DOSA. Why not they just cermin diri sendiri n jgn buat dosa. Diri sendiri tak reti nak kawal nafsu, you end up blaming the opposite gender.

WOmen just play their role as Women. If they are sexy or etc, they got sins. Thats all.

Of coz everyone shd take care of their own self, but you have to remember in ISLAM, men is the LEADER and the IMAM. There is no FEMALE IMAM in the Muslim community, you have to accept that fact. I knw men also manusia biasa, but if they knw they tend to do mistakes, bertaubat la cepat2. Coz you will ada anak bini later. And if u feel ur wife and children wd make you tanggung dosa a lot kerana tak tutup aurat dan sbgainya, from the first place, ask yourself - KENAPA PILIH ISTERI yg xtutup aurat. Itu slh sendiri, ok.

Utk dpat perempuan baik, diri sendiri kena jadi baik dlu. If diri sendiri jahat n perempuan baik jodoh u, alhamdulillah. Kalau tak, sama2 la tanggung nasib di akhirat kelak.

So,men... stop la jadi penagih dadah n sbgainya. Women pun susah nak respect nnti.

YeaP said...

Can I just press "like" for your post?....It is just cool...I like it.

Old dwarf said...

women will never understand man and man will never understand u agree that???..i actually agree with u saying diri sendiri jadi baik actually work!!..i know that im still not good to be called uztaz..but im satisfied with what have i've become now..Thanks to God cuz show me the right way....

y shud man choose prempuan xtutup aurat??sume ni tentang niat..kalau laki tu pilih b'dasarkn rupa paras...that relationship wont last kalau laki tu pilih wanita tu dgn niat utk mengubah dia..both of them will live happily..but i think a really bad girl which kaki nightclub,kaki botol,free-hair and etc. they wont choose a gud guy to be her fact,they prefer a rich and good looking guy...perempuan mcm ni dah terlalu parah..even i also duno what to do..haha..

so,dun blaming the opposite gender..this is called individual problem..

Ms Syakira said...

Yeap, thanks for liking the post.

Old Dwarf, first of all, marriage in islam is all about ibadah. Berkahwin itu kerana Allah. There is no such thing as you marry someone because you want to change someone to a better person. THERE is NO SUCH THING, ok.

You marry someone because of ibadah and to protect pure offspring. If you wanna change him/her to something else, dah salah niat tu.

I dont think perempuan Night Club tak nak lelaki baik. Of coz in every woman, she is waiting for a prince who she can rely on. This is when the men's responsibilities to guide her in teaching the ways of practicing Islam.

I could see most of men - tak kira perogol bersiri or mat rempit, after raping women etc, they wil still look for perempuan baik utk buat bini. Nampak sgt la hipokrit and not being able to guide a Muslim community. Jika ada perempuan yg leh terima lelaki sebegini, mmg respect gila la.

I never call u an USTAZ. The teaching of Islam wanted to become a better person, not to be an angel. Human make mistakes.Ustaz also make mistakes. But the door to taubah always opens for us. So, dont forget to pray a lot and improve ourselves.

Old dwarf said...
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Old dwarf said...

the guy who wrote that statement is an idiot..blaming women..i totally not agree with u said..guy should be a leader in a family..thats true..being a leader is as same as to chge ppl to be better...ppl make mistake and whoever around should show the right the same meaning is called "dakwah"..

for me,im not qualify to be ustaz to give ceramah to a huge crowd..but at least i feel responsible to give advice to those who close with me..a small dakwah..

about the marriage...i cnt say much about it since im not married too..soo i didnt get the full view of marriage world quite well..but im still gonne give my opinion..u said marriage is ibadah..thats true..from what i learn from school..ibadah berkahwin bermaksud utk menghalalkan apa yg haram dan meneruskan zuriat org Islam kerana Allah supaya umat Islam tidak pupus..thats for the main objective..tapi apa akan berlaku lps tu?kalau zuriat ramai tp xpndai nk berdakwah kat anak bini pn xda guna..sbb tu kita kahwin kne pasang jugak niat utk memperbetulkan kesilapan isteri/suami dgn cara yg betul..

Ms Syakira said...

Thanks old dwarf for adding some spice to the discussion.

Well, i agree with you about the marriage that everyone kena ada niat utk memperbaiki dan memperbetulkan kesilapan masing2 ketika dah berumahtangga. This is gud, compared to the idea when you said that lelaki pilih wanita itu dgn niat nak mengubah dia.

We have to remember - changing someone who has practiced certain things as a habit is quite difficult. But if before marriage, they changed themselves to be a better person, the burden after marriage is less. Insyaallah, they'll live happily with lots of things to learn together.

Anyway, tq for ur comment. U seem so bersemangat stating your points. Good job!!!! MUET confirm pass with flying colors.hehe.

Old dwarf said...

thnks to u cuz post a very interesting topic..i always think alot about these kind of vs women..and how to solve the problem between these two gender...

but sadly during my muet i got a topic which i dun like it..dats y i got low marks for muet..haha..

anyway,keep update your blog..i'll be sure to leave comment..owh and sorry im not the first one cuz now im in fnal exam...

Ms Syakira said...

Old dwarf is also SNow white true friend. He has been with snow white for long time, and opened google account just to comment snow white's blog.hahaha