Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mommy, I love you

I'd been staying at Ipoh Hospital for three days.
Mommy is warded due to her excessive lump on her right part of body.
Unfortunately, the stay had turned out damn boring with no entertainment etc (plus, the wifi is slow and i failed to access the internet at all!). I tried to finish reading the autobiography of Mahatma Gandi - the Experimental of Truth, but the lights off lead me listening to the mp3 i borrowed from Ika.
The best and least thing i could do is - I used to lay down on bed beside Mom all the time.
Some nurses are just annoying, not to mention the Pak Guard who scolded visitors who break the rules of visiting time.
Thank God Mom shows a gradual change of a better health condition.
Taking care of her reminds me of her constant love and care towards her children.
Touching her hands grasps my thought of how lucky to be close to her right now.
I miss you, Mom.
I love you now and until the day i lose my breath.


.:Mieroll Blur:. said...

hope she will get well kerajaan ke?klu ya,diorg mmg cmtu..huhu..annoying

SnoW whiTe said...

Yes, mieroll.
damn bad tp yg best, ade sorang Dr, bosang2 dpt tgk muka dia jadi la..haha :)

AuTumN TearS said...

hoho xD 2day is my shift..need to go to hospital taking care of her.huhu
hope she'll get better soon~
ermm..that doctor is so yeppo..kekeke

Anonymous said...

W'salam... insyaAllah.. I will pray for her..

SnoW whiTe said...

Thanks to all :)

Old dwarf said...

staying at hospital really bored..i experienced it once..i stay in the wad for place was really stinks...haha..

hope your mom getting well asap...

mambloss said...

semoga mummy miss cepat sembuh..insya Allah..amiin~

SnoW whiTe said...

Thanks for ur warm wishes, dear all :)