Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010

Don't compare yourself with others.
Look at the qualities inside you - those that others dream to have.
~Home-town best friend.

~A Tribute To My Girl friends~

It's the New Year Eve.
I didn't celebrate the joy of bunga api like the other teenagers on the streets at my hometown do. Heck, in fact i am not a teenager no more, i cant believe that it's difficult to swallow the truth that your age would increase year by year. It doesn't matter how young or old you look, but you'll grow old at the end somehow. Like the wise men say, beauty fades away slowly without we noticing it. Yeah, i eventually agree with it. That's when i started to flashback the memory in childhood, high school and college years. I miss my friends. I miss all my girl-friends. I miss the glory of achieving good grades in academics, chasing after boys, gaining popularity in cheerleaders, playing prank calls to the most-hated person, having coffee in the campfire etc. And yeah, girls..we won the theater competition in our History class while in form 2! ;)

Prom-night Queens

Cheer- leaders!

As much as we miss the moments, time and tide waits for no one.
One by one of our buddies falls in love and gets married.
At least, it is not the puppy love we ever talked and laughed at during high school.
But i am sorry to hear that some relationships are not working well.
I am sorry to know that some ends a single mother at a very young age.
But remember - the baby you cuddle in your arms can call me "Mommy" too! :)
The kids we have or gonna have would have a different sets of Moms to love and protect them.

Be positive.
Don't raise the white flag yet.


Old dwarf said...

aawwww...looks like snow white sad...dun u like a famous artist in yor work place...many ppl will chase u there...

SnoW whiTe said...

who says that?
i dun.