Friday, December 17, 2010

Love, Cry and Vain

I'm back after a very long silence. Sorry for not giving much attention to this blog for i was pretty much occupied with work and study. Guess what, i successfully passed my VIVA (oral defense for Master degree) at USM yesterday and this means another convo celebration coming next year in March 2011. Thank you to Dr Agnes Liau for her kind guidance and supervision; you are the best mentor and mother :)
Here are some updates for the past few months:

September :
- I was so stress and completely worn out after the hari raya break. I started gathering all my strength to finish my last three chapters of my dissertation to be submitted to my supervisor. The process of writing up the thesis was tough; i sacrifice a lot of time, money and energy to produce a great piece of work. The many drafts * A4 papers handed equals to 100 trees.LOL.
- Students are busy with midterm tests. I used my invigilation time in class to revise theories and significant topics related to my thesis. I stayed late till 11pm at office to finish marking the test papers.

-I couldn't remember anything important in October except having class parties with my engineering students. It was fun !! I recorded myself playing piano - 'Love Story" and 'Still Water' for them. I received overwhelming support from my students ;)

- Mom's birthday on the 5th; so we had a small gathering with the family at A& Z Restaurant. It was my treat, we had Ikan Bakar, Tomyam, Kailan ikan masin, kerang bakar, kuewtiaw kungfu and sup ekor. Yummy... :)
-Back to campus and having some trouble with collegues regarding the exam analysis but we managed to handle things at last.
-Another stressful month for me for i have to mark 100++ exam scripts and get my thesis done to be submitted on the 25th Nov. I quarantine myself in the room, so i could focus more!
-It was Dad's birthday on the 26th, we didn't really get together for a celebration since Mom got warded to the hospital. I decided to buy Dad a gift he would never forget - I bought him a mobile phone for his birthday which worths RM900+++. I could see the joy in his eyes, but too bad i couldn't afford him a Blackberry.
- I managed to play Pachabel's Canon in ID smoothly! ;)

It's a month full of weddings!!!
4th dec - Nani's
18th dec- my cousin's
25th dec- Puteri's
The many-way-backs from Penang to KK are energy and time-consuming. Oh no.. i couldn't watch Teater Natrah for it clashes with my friend's wedding. A lot of plans need to be cancelled to respect other people's needs.
Well, it is still the middle of December and there's nothing much to say except attending people's weddings and kenduri. Really hate it when ppl keep questioning me when is my own wedding day.. as if they're gonna support my expenses of the ceremony ke?

Will be driving back to KK tomorrow; i took a whole week leave. Wishing to get a gud response from parents regarding the situation i told them. It's not really a gud month to argue with your parents, so, i cross my fingers waiting for their decision.

The past four months are painted with love, cry and vain. Thank you Allah for i am still breathing.



Old dwarf said...

poor snow white..but later u cn have a long rest since u had 1 week leave..

im also have been busy with my work as 'kitchen' at a fast food restaurant...i expect my salary to reach 1k...dats y i've been busy to do o.t...haha... week im gonna visit penang..i hope i can treat u as i promised last time...

Niezam said...

Well said of the compression 0f 4 months' story :) Congrats on your VIVA completion..

SnoW whiTe said...

Old Dwarf,
yeah, congrats on ur coming convo too :)
Thnx nizam for the wish!

Old dwarf said...

i already treat it will be your turn to treat me when u finished yor master....

SnoW whiTe said...

i already finished my M.A. LOL. Now waiting for convo next march. Hhmm, let's see if I have money to do that. hehe

Yeap said...

Driving back from KK? Holidays at Kota Kinabalu? Wow...ENJOY ya....
++ Congrats for your VIVA. If I have time on March, sure will visit you during your convo....

SnoW whiTe said...

THanks yeap!
KK is kkangsar, not KKinabalu.hehe.
See u soon!