Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How Ironic Beauty Is

A long time ago, if there are three things i hate most while dressing up to town, they would be:

Make-up, high-heels and handbags.

I would prefer to wear sandals, put on sports wear, give away lipstick since i dislike the smell (thanks to my natural pinky red lips) and drag along my backpack to travel. It is more convenient and easy and u dont have to complain about the pain u have to bear for wearing heels. And I savour to take public transports like buses, trains and LRT while studying in college than having a ride in someone's Mercedes Benz.

However, most women regarded these three precious things as mandatory and some couldn't live without them and i have friends who buy piles of new-branded high heels every month or purchased all kinds of colorful handbags to match with the suits. It is funny that although it is risky to carry handbags nowadays since you are prone 2invite snatch thefts to come over, wearing high heels for another reason could affect your backbones in the future and the fact that cosmetics may damage the skin cells, I consider our women as risk-takers for dangling handbags freely to shopping malls, enduring foot pain just to stand tall and confident, and putting on heavy make-up to look fashionably gorgeous.

If I were born a boy, i could have given up these three things easily and groom myself as a handsome gentleman, even without any cosmetics, heels or handbags.I would be a cool and funky guy, with spiky hairstyle whom many girls are running after for.

Unfortunately, I am just a woman with pride that apply these three things (though i hate them and dont use much) to look sweet and attractive.
Although inner beauty is important, I guess cosmetic beauty really counts to look best. LOL.


Old dwarf said...

u still look gud even u didnt makeup..except yor lipstick..dun wear too red...not suitable in u..

.:Mieroll Blur:. said...

haha..agree wif ur lips..tapi still kne jaga..=)..da la malaysia ni panas..hey, no ole2 ke?hehe

SnoW whiTe said...

Thanks Old Dwarf,
i think pink is more suitable 4me right.

heh, i got broke even b4 i reach my feet in Malaysia. but i have some postcards if u r interested.

Old dwarf said...

i like keychain...did u bought any from india??

SnoW whiTe said...

but most left at KL inside my dad's car. he is now hospitalized at HKL.