Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!

"Engineers deal with machines. But teachers deal with human beings with 1001 attitudes everyday"

Anyone who becomes a teacher would deeply comprehend this statement. Those who are now working in a primary school would know the hassle of handling bunch of small children with their own intractable, immovable manners.. (Not to mention kids who pee in class/leave the shits in the toilet bowls or pulling each others' hair) And no matter how cute a child is, he/she might be a monster to others. Thus, this could be the reason why i avoided teaching in a primary school. LOL. And those who are teaching in a secondary school on the other hand would encounter more disciplinary problems that covers the issues of drugs, smoking, bullying and etc. And among those people are absolutely my parents who have been spending more than 30years as secondary school teachers. Dear Mom and Dad, now i know why you were so strict to us during our school years.

Now, it seems that i'm following my parents' path but i'm not teaching in a school. Despite the difference, the burden is the same because i believe lectures/teachers are both educators that not only teach but deliver virtous message, which help students to adapt moral values. But to tell you the truth, my secondary school years were not a really pleasant one. And of course if you asked me whether i miss school or not, i would say.. yes, but i mean the friends and the fun, not the teachers.LOL. *bad student (i hope my ex-teachers in secondary school are not reading my blog.haha) But of course there are some teachers that i enjoyed having classes with, such as my Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah and Pendidikan Islam teachers. I admitted that my low performance in Pure science subjects while in Form 4 and 5 was because of the feeling of hatred and annoyed to some teachers who loved to preach, rather than teaching. And there were some who favoured brilliant students and neglect the weaker ones who needed more attention. I wish i could talk more about it but there are cases which i think is not so appropriate to be discussed here due to saving the face of certain people, so i leave to my readers to ponder themselves about it. And starting from that day, i told myself to try my best to give equal attention to every student, help the weaker ones with whatever i can and practice what i preach to ensure my students becoming comprehensive individuals.

Actually, i wanna share a part of poem written by Usman Awang entitled Guru Oh Guru (1979) given by my Dad which inspires me most in this teaching field.


Berburu ke Padang Datar

dapat rusa belang kaki

berguru kepalang ajar

ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi

Jika hari ini

Seorang perdana menteri berkuasa

Jika hari ini

Seorang raja menaiki takhta

Jika hari ini

Seorang Ulama' yang mulia

Jika hari ini

Seorang peguam menang bicara

Jika hari ini

Seorang penulis terkemuka

Jika hari ini

Siapa sahaja menjadi dewasa

Sejarahnya dimulakan oleh seorang guru biasa

dengan lembut sabarnya

mengajar tulis baca .

To all teachers in the world, you are one of the kind. May you gain inspiration each day while teaching your students. My deepest thank you to my kindergarten teachers who had been so much help in educating a young stubborn child like me and others who shower me love and comforts while learning in schools. Thank you very2X much! xxx


Lina^ Chan said...

Gosh...i love the poem! (^^)

SnoW whiTe said...

Yeah Lina! ;)
Thanks, it resembles how honouorable a teaching job is. Are you gonna be in this field soon?


Marni J. said...

hi miss snow white, my friend!! :D
i love this entry n the intro hehehe! all the best to are a brilliant lecturer :D keep up the great work!!! talk to you soon yea

Lina^ Chan said...

InsyaAllah, will be teaching soon. any vacancies at uitm permatang pauh?? ;)

Old dwarf said...

happy teachers day to my beloved snow white!!!..hehe...hope u will continue teaching..its a good deeds to teach others...

Niezam said...

Yup, the teaching is one of the noble profession in the world.This entry are reminiscent of many teacher I had in the past, some of them were treat all students fairly and some were not, and this would give an impact to my performance in school. However,for what they did to me, they are still my teacher that I always respect. Love the Usman Awang poem you share here.

Happy teachers day :)

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi Marni Jamil, been so long waiting for you to leave a comment and finally you are here! hehe :)

Thanks old dwarf and Niezam for the wish.

And Lina, there's a vacancy of coz. Do drop by after you finish your M.A. so you can accompany me here :)

Anonymous said...

happy belated teacher's day miss
sorry i was a bit late
was hibernating.hehe

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi Nazrin,
thanks for the wish. Yeah, it was a belated if you are referring to Lecturer's Day which was celebrated last 1st april. Actually, "Teacher's day" is on this coming 16th may if you dont realize.hehe.

So,you are not late, but you are advanced! :b

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