Saturday, November 19, 2011

Year 2011 - A Lavish Success

It is less than two months before we are heading to the New Year 2012. To utter the year itself brings me a goosebump; not because of the fact that we are getting older but the rumor propogated by the western that the world is going to its end next year. Well, no human can tell nor predict the exact date of doomsday, but of course Allah swt has set its big and small signs in the Quran which obviously draws back our attention to this issue - Hari Kiamat is coming soon! The day and time - no one knows.

My entry this time is more like a self-reflection of what i have achieved this year - 2011. Despite the ups and down - the struggles, the pain and tears i had gone through all this year, it is worth to smile in joy and shouted to the world.. "Yay, i made it!". Allah has given me a lot of trials to endure for all these while and I am very thankful that He has given me more love and strength everyday in which is shown in every good deed i did. I remember when I asked for courage, He gave me obstacles to overcome. When i asked for love, He sent me trouble people to help.

There are times when I cried at night deciding that life was unfair and I questioned God why was i chosen among His slaves to suffer the injustice.But God has never been wrong. I realize that i am stronger than before. I notice that i am more loving and passionate to what i do. I can see the light is shining at the end of the path i am taking. Subhanallah.. i started believing that Allah doesnt give you what you want, but He gives you what you NEED in life.If He doesnt grant your prayer, He is planning something better for you. He is protecting you from the evil of the world.Now, i am beginning to love my life than ever. I love my new salary - it is a LOT for a single woman like me. Alhamdulillah. I even got extra income for partime teaching, talk and other services. Alhamdulillah again. What else could i ask for more? Allah has eased my career path. Although there's a little problem i am facing regarding work matter, i begin to redha and I know God is promising something better for me. Alhamdulillah that in March 2011, I attended my graduation day in USM - Apex University in which i obtained Master of Arts (English Language and Linguistics Studies).

In April 24-26, I attended an International Language Conference in UIA Gombak with the title of my presentation Exploring Motivation and Attitude in Learning English Among First Semester Tourism Students in UiTM Penang. I was quite nervous as it was my first time presenting in a conference but the the audience was very kind and supportive. They gave me a big applause despite a little inaccuracy in my explanations. I was grateful to learn from this first experience! :

With my UIA friend i met during the conference

With my ex-UIA friends / conference participants

On the 14-16 June, i attended another International Conference organized by USM in Parkroyal Hotel Penang and the title is Children's Mature Morality in Roald Dahl's Selected Novels. To me, the presentation is a success. The conference room is crowded with international and local people (i cant believe that many are fans of Roald Dahl). If Roald Dahl is still alive, he must be proud of me. LOL.

My presentation slideshow

The opening ceremony

On the 7th-11th July, i visited Singapore and covered the Marina Bay, Pulau Sentosa,Universal Studio and Ambiah Lookout as part of my travelling places. Here are the photos:

Universal Studio, Hollywood

At Kingdom of Far, Far Away

With Wood Tucker

On the 23-30th July, i was in Seoul, Korea for another International Conference. The best part was, i made new friends with people from all around the world. My presentation this time around is about children's literature - An Analysis of Children's Immature Morality in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As my presentation was on the 3rd day in the morning (8.30am), the crowd is less but i was glad the audience comes from those who teach in kindergarten and those who love children.

With other Malaysian presenters

During presentation

Having Korean lunch with the Asian TEFL family
My very own Korean meal

With other presenters and participants

With Japanese friends

On the 10th Sept, my collegaue and i took part in IID Competition organized by Research Management Unit, UiTM Penang. Although we did not win any medal, i learned a lot from the experience!

Me and my collegue Mr Mah

Now, it's already November. It's not a sweet November like we watch in Keanu Reeves movie. Things around you seem to happen unexpectedly. My ex-boyfriend is getting married tomorrow, i wonder how his preparation is. Deep inside my heart, i pray that he will be doing ok with his future wife. Now, i really really understand marriage is not the only key to happiness. Allah has protected me from falling for the wrong man. Now, i can see slowly the hikmah that He had set for me. I am blessed with a stable job, loving family, understanding friends and I have given the opportunity to travel to other places. You are right, Old Dwalf - I was chosen among the many ppl to see the beauty of nature and culture on the other side of the world. What else could i ask for more? Being single for now has no harm - Isnt what Allah has given knocks my heart to bermunajat and pray to Him more? And the time and space given to me while being single encouraged me to give charity and spend time with my parents more. I believe destiny would bring me to a man who deserves love and spiritual peace.

The curtain of 2011 will be closed with a lot of sweet and bitter memories.
Smiling, i can feel the storm has calmed down slowly with a more soothing cooling wind.


Sugar Lips said...

"Yeay! You made it!!"

Let's hope for lots and lots of better things to happen next year!!

SnoW whiTe said...

Surely i will,my dear!
Let's grab the success.

.:Mieroll Blur:. said...

wow! jeles glr..u have such an amazing life,seriously..keep it up miss..there are soo many amazing things after this,believe me..btw, the most amazing part ialah kawen la..cepat2 la yer..i cant wait for it..ngehehe..ntil then, i wish u the best..i hope i can have such an amazing life like yours.. :)

AuTumN TearS said...

baby snow white, this is adik autumn tears :) i wish that my life is like yours :P LOL. it seems that holiday is around the corner. I hope that we can have fun together eating at seoul garden and of course tasting tutti fruity :D hehe.scrumpdidlymtious!

SnoW whiTe said...

Mieroll, you seem so quiet within this blog territory, i never thought you really2 follow my blog online.Hehe. Thanks for the comment, i know your own opprtunity will be coming soon. For your info, i have a boyfriend but we are having a long distance relationship in the future :p

Adik Autumn Tears, no problem. i can bring you anywhere you lke, provided you pay for the bills.haha.

~SaL IjOu~ said...

Kyra..i hope u still remember this:

"Being on your own, is an opportunity you should try to make the most of because it offers a chance to widen your horizons and be your own person.You always have a choice between activity, happiness and unhappiness. It is really and truly up to you to make the most of your life and become POSITIVELY SINGLE"

~Positively Single-Vera Peiffer~ =)

SnoW whiTe said...

u are very right!
But it doesnt mean i want to remain single forever.
i believe my mr right is waiting for me with a candle on his hand at the end of my tunnel! :)

nazira said...

beznyer dapat travel...

SnoW whiTe said...

travelling is fun provided cash in hands.