Monday, November 7, 2011

Here come the Trials..

I wish love is like Baby Shampoo- No more tears.

But in fact, i have cried too many times until my eyes hurt. The feeling - i tell you... is terrible. I'v never been up to these kind of trials.
God knows that to fix what is broken is difficult.
And to squeeze away from society's expectation is a different story. For all these while, I've heard many of my collegues are stepping into a new phase of life. Some quit their jobs. Some are leaving for a new home. Getting married. Pregnant a second baby. Got a promotion for a new job. Pursuing PHD. Divorced. Happily come back from study abroad. And the list goes on!
What about me?
What have i gained for these 4years after graduation? *wondering.


nazrin said...

a job i guess, and a lot of bittersweet memories with it:)

Sugar Lips said...

You cant simply compare people's success with yours merely from the surface. Every men in general has their own good or bad fates a.k.a trials. or in malay we understand it as 'takdir yg tersurat dan tersirat.' :p

Old dwarf said...

what have u gained for these 4 years??i cn said that u gained strength..4years is a long journey..u encounters lots of,u have all these lil' dwarfs around u..of course these lil' dwarfs quite naughty and hard to control..but these are all your memories..appreciate what have u been through..and u also have been travel around the world..india,korea, is fun...dun always be sad about the past..

SnoW whiTe said...

Thanks Nazrin, thats the only thing i shd be proud of - if job really matters.

Sugar lips, u r totally right. mayb i got so stressed out until i lose my hope praying to the almighty. But i was grateful that between my searching for guidance, God sent His love and signs through many ways - until i feel ashamed of myself for giving up too easily.

Old dwarf, 4years is a long journey.. indeed. It narrates too many stories of myself - my ups and down in every aspect in every layer of life. I wish another 4years wont be so bitter-sweet-bitter. I wanna have a butter-honey-chocolate pie next time!!

Old dwarf said...

wut u wish is not gonna become is better like is like ocean..sometimes it calm..sometimes it gonna be a little bit choppy..

SnoW whiTe said...

Calm and wavy in a relaxing way, maybe.