Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

In your life, what would you choose? Love, hope or sacrifice?

First of all, Bravo for purchasing the movie ticket on the first day it was released! LOL. I couldnt believe that I watched Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga) last Thursday while others in campus are still snuzzling over classes, lesson plans and classes registration. Well, who else can deprive me from watching Jacob and Edward who seem hopeless at times in winning Isabella Swan's heart.

For Twilight movie series, I would say this would be the best movie, compared to the previous ones despite the overwhelming 18Sx scene and the so-called drama caught between the Cullen family and the werewolves. As usual, the movie highlights Isabella Swan or Bella - the heroin, who is now married to Edward Cullen in a beautiful garden wedding attended by family, close friends and relatives. The first part of the movie makes me swept with sweet emotion - just looking at the wedding gown, fresh red and white roses embellished the aisle, white candles and tea set on the guests table.. they really complete the puzzles of my dream wedding. Besides, the moment Edward kissed Bella after they are pronounced as husband and wife, i felt my heart tingled with joy and i was like screaming- Yay, they are together at last!!

For Twilight fans, i'm sure you are aware that Edward and Bella had gone through many obstacles in their relationship. In spite of their difference, they are united on the name of true love. To me, Stephanie Meyer had really brought us explore the love between a vampire and a human in a very dramatic way. The fans out there would probably question about the fate of another hero in the movie who is Jacob, Bella's bestfriend. Jacob, who is in love with Bella has to let go Bella in search for her bestfriend's happiness. Tall and with athletic figure (different with Edward who is kurus kering), Jacob easily melts a girl's heart with his brave, loving and sweet manner. He sacrifices his love, be there for Bella when she is in need and Jacob is willing to protect Bella in any way it'd be - though it means he had to go against his own family. So, the question is... could a man really love a woman so truly and deeply? Or in other words, could he still love her eventhough he knows she is married to someone else? In this movie, Jacob really could.

To some Twilight fans, they would find that Jacob is the real hero in Breaking Dawn Part 1. In the movie, Jacob is the one who came to seek for Bella (though she is now a married woman) when he eventually finds out the news that Bella's pregnancy may lead her to death. He is the one who consoles Bella and gives words of encouragement though he knows she might not listen to him.

Bella's pregnancy is very extraordinary to the Cullen family because according to the tradition, vampires would never produce babies. Since we were aware of the fact that Bella is a human who married to a vampire, she is now pregnant of a half-human-half-vampire infant. Carlisle, Edward's father warns Bella that she might face death if she decides to keep the baby since a human body does not have strong immune system to bear the extraordinary pregnancy.

So, here comes the downfall of the marriage when Edward pursuades her to abort the infant while Bella wants to keep her baby. Although I can see the connection of the mother-child-relationship between Bella and the infant, i would say that Bella is quite selfish for not considering the fact that Edward cannot live without her and the Cullens would take care of the baby when she is gone. She leaves Edward with no decision.

Suprisingly, Bella delivered a healthy baby girl and Bella then turned into a vampire.LOL. This would probably relieved Edward but maybe not Jacob. We would have to wait for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to know the ending. Or you can just purchase the whole set of Twilight novels to know the truth.

If you asked me what i like about the movie, I would definitely say the wedding ceremony and the honeymoon place. If you feel that your boyfriend or partner is not the romantic type, this movie might bore him to death but it is also a lesson to teach him to understand what a girl really wants from a relationship. What Edward does to his wife and what Jacob does to the girl he loves really impress me.

Do these kinds of guy ever exist in this world?


Old dwarf said... kinda sad cuz i missed the first,thats why i didnt feel like to watch it..lots of ppl said it was a great u have the whole series??i would like to watch it if u have..

Moonie said...

Awwww...u really make me wanna watch the movie all over again...the wedding was my favourite part too... I've always wanted an outdoor garden wedding full of fresh red roses too...but kat Malaysia tak practical sebab takut hujan...huhu

.:Mieroll Blur:. said...

argh..still hate bella for some reason..choose la Jacob that obviously lagi kool..btw, kalau u baca novel dia, lagi best..muvie ni dia byk potong especially time dia beranak..sgguh menggerunkan..

but the best part is bila Jacob imprint dgn Renesmee..begitu hebatnya yurk,jiwang sgt..hoho..anywy, cant wait for part 2..yang tu byk konflik and action!

Anonymous said...

I've read the novel some time ago and though i know what would happen,i'd still watch the movie, for reasons unknown.

but I honestly stop liking the plot after the 2nd novel coz it seems a bit redundant.

I thought in your last posts, u found it ridiculous too watch.oh wait, that was Lagenda Budak Syaitan.hahaha

SnoW whiTe said...

Old Dwarf,
I have the first movie only but you can always download the movies from the internet.

u r right - kat Malaysia tak practical la buat garden wedding, panas dan hujan sepanjang tahun. I dont want to ruin my wedding gown.

Jacob is way too cool than Edward kot. Bella is not my fave character sgt, she is stubborn & selfish in some ways. She can push the guys away and pull them back whenever necessary. Sgt tak patut.

Dont remind me of Lagenda Budak Setan. the movie sucks.

Sugar Lips said...

Nice review..but I m no big fan of Twilight..hehe

SnoW whiTe said...

Sugar Lips - you should watch. It doesnt matter if u'd missed the first movie coz Breaking Dawn really summarizes the whole story. I recommend u to watch with ur beloved one :p

~SaL IjOu~ said...

I've read Twillight collection..but i didnt have chance to watch the movie..~but your review sounds interesting..can't wait to watch it!~

~SaL IjOu~ said...

oh..poor Jacob~

SnoW whiTe said...

Thanks Sal for giving such good comments. I dont know u r reading the collection?HOw the novels like? Better than movies, i supposed??

~SaL IjOu~ said...

definitely! i enjoy it so much~ ^^

Ms Syakira said...

My housemate has the first Twilight series - i stopped at Chapter 1 and fell asleep. LOL.

K.muria said...

bila boleh tengok yer..?? tgu boleh download kot..hehehe

Ms Syakira said...

Kalo K.Muria ada dwnld, bagi la tau..nak tgk lagi.hehehe

~SaL IjOu~ said...

i read it on my way to work, in lrt.(zaman g keje ngn lrt kat hong leong dulu ;p )

~SaL IjOu~ said...

oh, yg hantu fesyen tu waktu kije kat hong leong ah~ =p