Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life in Britain

English tea and biscuits

Most of my students are really interested in the British life though many spend most of their time watching movies directed by the Americans. However, i was surprised that there are those who find British life as fascinating and some indulge themselves in the literary works too such as Sherlock Holmes, Oliver Twists and others. In our English class at the language lab 2 this morning (though only half came due to the exam fever), we discussed about the history of English language and the comparison of British and American vocabulary as an initiative to understand the British culture. As a follow-up activity, I requested them to send me an email responding to this question:

"Which information of the British life In England,Scotland, wales and northen island attracts you most (music, movie, food etc)? Comment."

Response 1

"lady puteri"

hai there mis,its me,liza,i've got somethin 2 u...RELIGION IN BRITISH..isnt it sound intresting 2?
4 ur info,religion are:
Religion can be explained as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
it attract me coz their beleif make me wanna hve a big laugh...they know the truth relly is...bit still they wanna pretend...but i wonder 4 wat..dats all from me..bye mis,thbx 4 all ur knowlgde that u hve teach me...its so useful...a im wanna apologive if im making a mistake.bye mis,wish me luck 4 da exam ..pray 4 me..thnx a lot..


Response 2
From: kamil azizi"
Which information about the British life in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland attracts you most?
Absolutely I can say football will attract me most. It is because I very like to play and watching football. Especially England football team. It is because the player for England football team is so good. Like an example is David Beckham, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Wayne Rooney and many more. This players is so professional and intelligence. I wonder that maybe I could see, shake hand, and played with all the England football players. Second is, I attract with England country. I wonder to go to England and spent very interesting time there with my special girlfriend (if I have one lah).haha..
I wonder to life in a British life, play with the snow with future girlfriend, go to the clubbing with my crazy friend (haha), watch the football game with my nerd friend, life happily with all my family, and many more..
That is from Muhammad kamil azizi bin jamali.
Thank you for reading or checking this crazy letter.haha

Response 3

"Areef Mahamood"

For my opinion, the most attraction about British life is their movie. Of course my hobby is watching movie so I can see a lot of difference between English and American movie. When I watch British movie I like to pronounce one of the word when the actor or actress talking or say some word that sometimes quite funny when they pronounce that word and sometimes I making fun of it, for example like ‘slimy’, ’bloody’ and something else.
I think American slang corrupt the natural of English and that’s why I like British English more. some British terms are now used in the USA. This is probably due to travel and the wide exchange of TV programmes etc.
That's all for me, thank you.(",)

Areef Mahamood

Snow in England

Response 4

"norawatif mohd yusob"

I like to travel because from the travel i know about cultural and races in other countries.For example,I like sabahan cultures.This is because it have many bumiputra races such as bajau,kadazan dusun, rungus and malay.I like very much sabah. There,I like the food such as chicken wing roast.kuih cincin and kuih amplang. The picture is about simpang mengayau.
I miss it so much.

Response 5
Which information about the british life in England,Scotland,wales and northen island attracts you most?
the most thing attract me about British life in England is the weather.This is because,here in Malaysia i cant get this weather.With a low temperature 4 C,and 17 C as the higher temperature there.
England is a country that get four season like autumn,spring,winter and will be a good thing i be there with this weather.i can play with the snow,looking the fallen leaves,and the grow of beautiful flower.
If i get chance i will go there to feel the experience.

Spring in Hyde Park

Response 6

From: Wan
I choose England because it attract me the most. Its food attracts me although Britain doesn't have the best of reputations for its food, the people of Britain do in fact enjoy an enormously varied diet. And, although, its cuisine might not be world-renowned it would be a mistake to completely ignore its delights. The british people taking their breakfast which called "Full English Breakfast' such as toasted bread,bacon,eggs and milk.Their breakfast is different from Malaysia people.

English breakfast

Response 7
For me England attracts me most because there have a beautiful countries and very unique. Iam very exciting if I have invite to go there.I also like their foods very much. In addition I have learned about how to cook their food. When I have enough money I will spend all my holiday in this countries with my beloved family immediately. I hope so.Thats all for from farah khalidah bt fesol. TQ and i love you very much..

Response 8
"nur hashikin Mohamad"
england attracts me most because their beutiful country,good place n i want visit their country..their country also big n beutiful..i hope i will going in england..i want fell eat,shopping and anything else can i release tention..that all for me..nur hashikin bt mohamad..tq,miss syakirah

Response 9

from: nor faraheen bt abu hasan
group: dc1 b2
I love music and I would memorize the lyrics of the song.
I will also try to understand the lyrics of the song
England attracts me most because their music, buildings,interesting place that i really want to visit and also their foods. i like their creative buildings and its look very beautiful when i see at picture.besides that i want to feel every season at England for example autumn, winter and also snow. their foods i think also very delicious and looks luxurious because i has learn a bit more about their food preparation.


Response 10

"Fatin Norsyazwan"
The most thing that attract me is their cinema. They have creative idea to make their story interesting to watch and their imagination in making the story, the technolology they have used make me impress about their job. I also like their winter season because i have never feel how the winter is.....


Response 11

"Abdul Adzim"
I think I like cinema because like watch the james bond movie,sherlock holmes, bridget jones's and many more movie british that i like. I like to hear they speak it's like i to want to speak like they speak hehehe..

Response 12

beeha ."
The things that attract me about british life is their holidays and specials occasion. It is because, they have very beutiful place and different in our country. They have alot of historical place that we can visit with family and know about the history. We also know about the country very well.
Tq. - hani nabihah-

London Bridge

Response 13
Nur Aqilah Abd Salam"
About the British life in the UK, in my opinion the thing that attacts me the most is their education. The reason for this is, their government is constantly improving their education system to create a better education environment for students. Also, for me that have had experience studying in a school in England, they use advanced technology for teaching, the kind of technology that can be found in universities here in Malaysia.

from Aqilah

Response 14

"Muhammad Ainnudeen Mohammad Anuar"
In my opinion, i like the the action of the actors of british drama and movies such as Sherlock Holmes and James Bond 007. This two characters are very famous among the world. From the beginning movies of James Bond, the main actor, Sean Connery becomes an idol to the children since 1964. Then, in this new era of globalization, the new actor of James Bond, Daniel Craig had change the persfective of the character of James Bond.


Response 15
"mohd jamaluddin"
in my opinion i like british lifestyle especially in food and bevarage...i love to learn their recipe on bakery and cookies..its so delicious!..yumm3!.

from jamal bdk baik..dk1b2:)

Response 16

"Muhammad Azlan"

I like The Beatles because I hear and sing their song everyday. My favorite song from the band is Yesterday. For the British Comedy , I like Mr. Bean because his jokes is really tickling and makes me laugh. Thank you.

From Azlan(2009725047), DK1B1

Fish and chips

Response 17

"Lyana Lya"
British music realy attracts me because their music is interesting and their type of music is the kind that i like and it didn't make me bored although i listen to it many times. i like british band for example like 'keane' , 'muse' and 'coldplay'.

From: Nur Liyana Bt Kamarul Ariffin
Uitm id :2009529293
Group: dk1b

Response 18
"Ameerah Mira"

England attracts me most because their music, buildings,interesting place that i really want to visit and also their foods. i like their creative buildings and its look very beautiful when i see at picture.besides that i want to feel every season at England for example autumn, winter and also snow. their foods i think also very delicious and looks luxurious because i has learn a bit more about their food preparation.

Traditional English Afternoon Tea

Thank you to all my students for all the responses. I hope you have gained some knowledge on our discussion about English culture today and may all your wishes and dreams come true ;) See you next week for the English drama performance.

Miss Syakira xxx


Niezam said...

Such a warming response you got from your student..As for me, what attract me almost about British is their people itself which for most of the time have high sense of decorum. I do really amaze with their great attitude. I just waiting for all Malaysian to archive this level of civilization. We don't want to adopt their negative culture which are contradicted with us, but there are some positive value that we can follow.

Lastly, I really enjoy the UK band, MUSE's music while for food I prefer French cuisine for most of the time :)

SnoW whiTe said...

Oh, thanks for the feedback.
Yeah, i agree.
But what attracts me most is of coz the language and its lovely accent! =)

Plus, the places 2b visited are nice too. And i'm a Westlife loyal fan (though they r irish) =)

jamal bdk baik said...

beside food n beverages..i like their accent completely twist my tongue to try it and i love it..hahaha...after i watching Harry Potter movie. i always try on the words that they had said..i hope i will improve my accent in English after this..hehehe

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi Jamal,
I agree wit u, the accent is just so unique :b

Musfadly said...

Arctic Monkeys,Muse,Franz Ferdinand,Coldplay,Oasis,Placebo, The Libertines, The Kooks,Snow Patrol,Rosalita,Babyshambles, Dirty Little Things,Raygun,The Last Shadow Puppets,Kasabian,The Smiths,The Rascals and there are lot more brit band out there. So for me britain is a paradise for music. I always hope i can go there someday.
I used to hang the Union Jack in my room but my father Told me to bring it down. Yes it was a less-patriotic act but I did it bcuz I like great britain especially their music.. and also football.

SnoW whiTe said...

Hi Mus,
What a great list you have given here. If i were your Dad, i would have asked you to do the same since it is better to hang our own national flag instead since we are now an independent nation :)

Thank you for visiting my blog. May you reach your two feet on the British land one day.

Musfadly said...

yes i guess u're right. i still love our country more than any other country.

ur welcome. do visit mine when ur free.

SnoW whiTe said...

Sure, mus. i will =)